Line of Credit*

A line of credit is a set amount a business owner can access at any time for any need.

How Much Could I Qualify For?

Line of Credit Benefits

Quick access to capital
No hidden fees

Use Funds To:

Buy new equipment
Manage short term capital needs
Purchase inventory

What’s the process?

Apply online or speak with a dedicated business advisor.

Connect Rapid Finance with your business information.

Have funds in as fast as 1 day.

Documents needed to apply

You only need THREE things to get started:

Government-issued photo ID (Drivers License).

Voided check from your business checking account.

Three months business statements

Line of Credit Features*

We understand the need for business owners to have access to different amounts of funds, at different times and for different purposes. Lines of Credit programs allow you to do just that and more. Get approved for larger amounts of capital, but only incur cost on funds you draw. Payments can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Loans from: $5,000-$500,000

  • Loan Terms: 3-18 months.

  • Automatic daily or weekly payments.

  • Easy, fast application.

Other Financing Options*

Other Financing Options*

Small Business Loan
Merchant Cash Advance
Healthcare Cash Advance
Bridge Loan
Line of Credit
Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan
Asset Based Loan
Commercial Real Estate Loan

*Rapid Finance markets all products listed on this website.  Rapid Finance or RapidAdvance is the direct provider of capital for certain Merchant Cash Advances, Healthcare Cash Advances and Term Loans.  However, these products as well as SBA Loans, Lines of Credit, Factoring, Asset Based Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans and Business Credit Cards may be provided by an unaffiliated third-party. Products and amounts offered may vary by state.