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Fast business funding
made simple.

Apply today get up to $500,000 tomorrow

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Get funded in
3 easy steps

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I just knew I could count on them to get my money on time. I have recommended Rapid Finance to two other business friends of mine!

Jenny’s Salon, Jenny Grafton Owner of Jenny’s Salon Purceliville, VA

I thank God for a company like Rapid Finance because it seems like they’re doing part of what the President talks about, “getting money back into the community,” and that’s what’s happening!

N Time Floral Design, Solomon Sparrow Owner of N Time Floral Washington, DC

Rapid Finance was just “cut and dry”, I was very impressed with it, within 3 days I had money in my bank account, and that little cushion saved me.

Studio of Ballet Arts, Alison Bawek Owner Studio of Ballet Arts Sandy Spring MD

*Rapid Finance markets all products listed on this website.  Rapid Finance or RapidAdvance is the direct provider of capital for certain Merchant Cash Advances, Healthcare Cash Advances and Term Loans.  However, these products as well as SBA Loans, Lines of Credit, Factoring, Asset Based Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans and Business Credit Cards may be provided by an unaffiliated third-party. Products and amounts offered may vary by state.