Success Stories

When traditional sources of funding weren’t the ideal solution, Rapid Finance provided the working capital these businesses needed. Find out how our clients are using our services to expand, grow and plan for future success.

Written Testimonials

I am the owner of a little eatery called Jeannie’s One Stop Diner in Panama City Bch. Fla. since 2006. I had my first experience with RapidAdvance was in 2008 and I have been doing business with them ever since. I have used their capital to improve my diner from decor to equipment upgrades. The service that I have received from RapidAdvance and my rep (Jeff Hageman) has been excellent. The entire procedure is hassle free and fast. Everyone at RapidAdvance treats their customers like I treat mine. They make me feel special and only want to take care of my needs. I would recommend them to everyone. It’s been refreshing and a pleasure doing business with such an honest and caring company.
Jeannie Deloriea
Jeannie’s One-Stop Diner
Hi my name is Andrea Maffei. I came across RapidAdvance in Dec of 2012. I found the site on the internet. I just opened a business and had needed some quick cash to get started. When I called RapidAdvance they were very nice and extremely professional. The person I spoke to was Matt Dillingham. He was beyond helpful in getting me started, he told me how easy it was to get started. After we got of the phone he sent me all the paperwork by email. I filled everything out and within a week the money was deposited into my bank account. The process was quick and easy and the payment plan was great. I recently applied for a second advance and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for making my experience with RapidAdvance a great one. I would definitely recommend using Rapid to anyone that doesn’t have the best of credit and needs capital.
Andrea Maffei
Everything Hair
RapidAdvance is the only one that stepped up to the plate… We talked to a couple of other cash advance providers and they weren’t able to do what we needed. My account rep was very attentive to what my wife and I needed to take our company to the next level. I’ve told a couple of friends who own businesses about it, too!
Mike Foster
Javawocky Café
The first time RA helped us is when our machine broke down and we were able to buy new equipment. The second time we were very low on inventory and the capital enabled us to completely restock our inventory. RA was real easy to deal with, I worked with other companies before but you were the most hassle free cash advance company to deal with. The entire process went very smooth; it has been very easy to work with RapidAdvance.
Aldofo V.
Tire Company
I used the capital for marketing purposes. My Account Executive provided very good service and was always very helpful. I am glad to have found you guys.
Blanca Quirino
Home Cleaning Service
Wow! I don’t even know where to begin! I first heard about your company and how wonderful you are at making it accessible to small businesses like myself to gain working capital while I was surfing on the Internet. It was through Jeff Hageman that I was put at ease with the process. I’m currently a 6 or even 7 time customer that has been nothing but satisfied. Jeff is amazing! As is underwriting and everyone else. Jeff is on his JOB! I have used my funds for various reasons. Whether it was Paying off business bills or buying new equipment, Rapid Advance is always Right On Time! I truly love this company! The turn around for my funds being wired in my business account has always been in 3 to 4 days!
Debra Beale
President, Deva Hair Gallery & Boutique, Inc.
I did a little research in the Chicago area. Other salons said that RA is a great choice and I should take advantage of your service. The process was easy. I was skeptical about programs like this at first. I was very cautious, but the technical support has been great. RapidAdvance made me feel comfortable with the entire process. The capital gave me the flexibility that I didn’t have before. I was able to increase inventory and do some updating around the salon. The level of service was very nice; your sales people are very good and easy to work with.
David A.
Beauty Salon
I was skeptical at first because it seemed too easy. But, after I spoke with an account executive a few times it was the easiest cash advance I ever took out, ever! The best part is the payments are so easy you don’t miss them. And there’s no interest like with loans. A merchant cash advance from RapidAdvance will help any business. I love it!
Mike S.
Auto Service
With capital from RapidAdvance we were able to increase our inventory stock. I appreciate the quickness in getting back to us. Other companies’ process took longer…a lot of faxing back and forth but with RapidAdvance everything went very smoothly…Excellent!
Kym R.
Recycling Company
After receiving the capital, I was able to do renovations and other general repairs for my business. It has been steadily improving everyday, thanks to you guys. I am planning on opening up another business pretty soon and will need to get more capital from RapidAdvance. Overall experience has been a positive one.
Jorge Acevedo