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In the Business of Expecting the Unexpected

One of the most exciting things about building a successful business is that you never quite know what’s going to happen next, but this is also one of your biggest challenges. It could be anything from a sudden and unexpected opportunity, to a cyber attack, systems failure or natural disaster that hits your business hard. The good news is [...]

10 Common Retail Problems (And How to Solve Them)

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s harder than ever for small business retailers to stay up on the latest trends and work to outpace eCommerce stores. With these constant-changing factors, it’s no surprise research shows that half of all retail businesses close in their first two years. In this cutthroat environment, it can seem as if one mistake can [...]

21 Ways to Effectively Engage Millennials and Beyond

We hear a lot these days about ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Z’ – often in the context of selfies and hipster brunches – but what do these labels actually represent and what do they mean for your business? Every savvy business should be looking to the future, and this means understanding the upcoming generations, adapting and evolving to connect with [...]

Why Loan Stacking Is Bad For Business

Since the financial crisis, it’s harder than ever to convince banks and traditional lenders to buy into your big idea, so it’s not surprising that more and more business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to alternative options. When you’re just starting out or trying to grow your small business, it’s tempting to take advantage of any available influx of [...]

Financing Made Simple: The Truth About Small Business Financing

How many times have you heard that it's hard to get funding? It's a common refrain and every entrepreneur has wondered how to better raise capital. The truth is that it's not nearly as hard as you think. Here are some common myths about funding a business and how they don't hold up in real life. VC's Just Want [...]

Minimum Sales Requirements: The Truth About Small Business Financing

Every successful business had to begin somewhere. Apple started in Steve Jobs' garage, after all. While you're probably not aiming toward worldwide corporate domination, you know your business plan has solid potential… as long as you can get funding. Too often, traditional lenders seem willing to hand over cash only to businesses that are already operating at high volumes. [...]

Spending Freedom: The Truth About Small Business Financing

It's hard to qualify for a traditional small business loan through a bank, and it's even more difficult to get funding through a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. If you do make it through the 60 - 90-day application process, you still aren't in the clear. Traditional lenders have rules about how you spend the money from the loan, [...]

Get Funded With Bad Credit: The Truth About Small Business Financing

If you're a small business owner, your need for cash is often greatest in the period before you receive payments. The long-term health of your business may depend on your ability to purchase inventory or essential equipment ahead of time. This seems like such a simple equation … and yet, it can be discouraging to approach banks for a loan [...]

Get Cash Fast: The Truth About Small Business Financing

The process of getting a traditional bank loan for your small business is frustrating. It's nearly impossible to get a banker's attention if you have questions. You are expected to fill out a long, complex application on your own, submit all of the supporting documentation that is required, and then wait. And wait. And wait. If you are lucky, [...]



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