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Guide To The PPP Loan Forgiveness

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was hailed as a vital lifeline for business owners during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. One of the real carrots of this program was that you could get the loan forgiven if you followed all the guidelines and maintained payroll levels as well as the size of your workforce. However, this program was rolled out quickly. [...]

Securing Small Business Financing After COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken the economy and turned the entire world upside down. It’s been an escalating situation in the US for over three months and in that time, the stock market has plummeted, the economy has entered a recession, and much of life as we know it has completely changed. Even now, there is still so much uncertainty about the [...]

How To Track Your Business Expenses For PPP Loan Forgiveness

The big draw of the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program is that small-business owners can use the funds they receive to keep their businesses afloat and have their loans forgiven at the end of the loan period. The ability to have their loans forgiven hinges on keeping staff employed and paid, incentivizing these businesses to keep people on their [...]

Private Financing Loans Available To Small Businesses

The world is a very different place for owners of small businesses right now. Depending on which lender you talk to, banks may be pulling back on their funding for small business loans by tightening standards or even pausing lending altogether in light of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. With that in mind, you may want to turn to private [...]

How To Get Your SBA PPP Loan Forgiven

If you’re a small-business owner, you’ve probably been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Because there have now been two rounds of funding for the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), totaling over $650 billion, you may have applied for and received some small-business relief by [...]

Need Financial Help to Reopen Your Business After COVID-19?

After months of lockdowns that required many companies to cut back hours, pause production or close completely, restrictions are starting to lift, and small businesses are starting to slowly and cautiously open back up. But when they do, they’ll be opening their doors to a different world than when they had to close them. With an uneasy public, a struggling [...]

How to protect your credit score during COVID-19

You may be wondering how your small business is going to survive the coronavirus. Maintaining your credit score is a good place to start. While a credit score can be a factor used by financing companies, it is not the only factor when determining whether or not to provide financing to your small business.  Credit scores are a simplified confidence [...]

FAQ’s About The COVID-19 SBA Disaster Loans

Many small-business owners are understandably struggling right now. COVID-19 is causing many to have substantial business interruptions if not complete shutdowns. It’s a difficult situation, but there are options for small-business relief financing that may be available to you at both the federal and state level. Small Business COVID-19 Relief The U.S. government instituted a couple of programs through its [...]

Non-SBA small business coronavirus relief options

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been disrupted in a major way due to an unprecedented virus. Unfortunately, small businesses have been hit especially hard. Although some businesses have benefited from the recent small business coronavirus relief programs such as PPP loans and EIDLs, not all small businesses have been able to secure the benefits. If you’re a struggling [...]



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