Mark Cerminaro Featured in deBanked Magazine

Mark Cerminaro, now Chief Revenue Officer at RapidAdvance, seized the spotlight this past November and December at deBanked Magazine, a publication dedicated to demystifying the “online finance universe.” Sean Murray, Chief Editor and President of deBanked Magazine and, bestowed the honor because of Mark’s continued innovative work in alternative lending and recognition from financial peers.

The full-length article, which spans Mark’s entry into the financial world and subsequent journey within it, can be read at deBanked Magazine. Here, we explore some of the characteristics that make Mark the perfect candidate for the deBanked cover story.


When Mark joined RapidAdvance in 2007, he taught his then-small team of account advisors to “do right by customers, each other, and the company as a whole.” He believes that RapidAdvance wins together or not at all.

However, Mark does more than teach the philosophy: he lives it out in day-to-day practice, whether meeting with potential business partners or mentoring new employees. On the road, he relies on the team to provide the data and support he needs to close sales. In the office, he offers advice and guidance, helping team members improve upon their jobs, and perform them with passion.


Mark also encapsulates the quality of persistence. RapidAdvance’s latest win, a partnership with Office Depot, took time, effort and some sweat to accomplish. Mark spent the better part of a year meeting in person with potential financing partner executives and conducting regular conference calls.

He encourages the RapidAdvance team to act in the same manner—becoming singular points of contact for their clients and accounts. Because of his example and teachings, RapidAdvance account executives do more than just make sales. They guide small business owners through financing application processes, follow up with clients following the capital disbursement, and ensure their overall success.

Customer Service

Customer service, as well as the customer experience, stands integral to RapidAdvance’s growing success. Some of the focus on it can be attributed to Mark’s personal employment record. He spent his high school summers working odd jobs like construction, landscaping and flower deliveries.

Those experiences, not to mention his own hard knocks, give him an understanding and empathy for small business owners. Mark wanted to go pro as a quarterback but blew out his throwing arm during his college days. He regrouped, considered his options and threw himself into academics, coming to land on financial services as a career path.


Mark knows, though, that persistence and teamwork only pay off when accompanied by measurement, analysis and refinement. When he first joined RapidAdvance as National Sales Director, he established key performance indicators (KPIs) for success.

The company’s trajectory and Mark’s reputation speak to the subsequent results. Through measurement, the business has made their work ethic of teamwork, persistence and customer service all the more effective.


After Mark’s football career dissipated, he knew he couldn’t stand still and hope for the heavens to part with illumination. He chose to try new things, including several internships (three in politics and one with Morgan Stanley), so that he could figure out how to get to where he wanted to go.

He takes the same approach as Chief Revenue Officer at RapidAdvance. He attends conferences and meets with potential company partners in order to turn his dreams for RapidAdvance into realities. So far, he’s been highly successful because he doesn’t daydream about company growth—he ambitiously pursues it with persistence, dedication and the backing of the entire company, from the smallest sales unit to the Chairman and CEO.

Mark truly is the perfect cover story for His perseverance and commitment to excellence and company growth make him an innovative financial executive to watch now and well into the future.


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