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Need help? Call 855-481-5096

Looking for business funding options?

Hi, we’re Rapid Finance.

Apply now and get up to $1 million today.


Looking for business funding options?

Hi, we’re Rapid Finance.

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up to $500,000 today.

flexible business financing
flexible business financing
flexible business financing
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How can Rapid Finance and Clearent help?

Rapid Finance has partnered with Clearent to bring financing solutions to small businesses nationwide. With fast and convenient financing, Rapid Finance is a one stop shop for small businesses looking for capital with a wide range of business funding options available. Now, from mostly anywhere, you can access the capital your small business needs, fast. In our short application, Rapid gathers information on your business’s needs, amount of capital needed, and business industry in order to match you with the right financing product. With your information, we are able to assess your unique business needs and match you with the most flexible financing solution available. Payments, terms or estimated completion dates, and amount of capital needed may determine which financing solution best suits your business.

Rapid Finance and Clearent understand that obtaining small business financing can be a hard and stressful process- which is why we are here to help. Obtaining financing through a bank can be difficult and limiting based on your current credit score. At Rapid Finance, we look at the overall health of your small business in order to match you with the right financing solution. Running a small business means facing oncoming challenges and obstacles frequently, and Rapid Finance understands how to help. We offer a large range of business funding options that will help your business overcome various obstacles it faces.

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Business Funding Options With Rapid Finance

Here at Rapid Finance, we are dedicated to helping businesses access the capital it needs, fast. Our business advisors are highly knowledgeable in the products needed to help your business succeed. Your business type, need for financing, and amount of financing requested will determine which products best fit your business’s needs. Our online application is fast and convenient, allowing you to access capital from anywhere. Rapid Finance has a wide range of products which allow our business advisors to find the best business funding options for you.

Rapid Finance’s goal is to provide business funding options to a variety of industries, business types, and unique situations. Whether you are looking to expand geographically, grow your team, invest in new technology, or support marketing efforts, Rapid Finance has the solution for your small business.

One of our largely popular products is the small business loan. The small business loan allows you to pay between three to eighteen-month terms. Rapid Finance offers daily or weekly payments, which allows for flexibility for the business. Our small business loan gives businesses access to capital in a fast and convenient lump sum, which can help your business immediately after receiving the funds. Another popular product we offer is the merchant cash advance. The merchant cash advance is an innovative solution that provides financing for businesses that accept credit cards, or is seasonal. The merchant cash advance does not have fixed payments or a set term, rather it has variable payments, which makes this product cash flow friendly. This is perfect for businesses that need or want payment flexibility. Payments are based on a percentage of a business’ future credit card sales or receivables and is seamless.

To see which financial solution is best for you, we encourage you to fill out our online application. A business advisor will reach out to you quickly, and be able to match you to one of our various products.

Clearent acts solely as a referrer and does not review, underwrite, approve or provide any financing with respect to any financing products referenced on this page. Rapid Finance is the funder of the below financing products and if a small business applies for financing, that small business will be a customer of Rapid Finance with respect to any products or services provided by Rapid Finance.


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