How to Generate Income Online during COVID-19

How to Generate Income Online during COVID19

Has COVID-19 pushed you to explore new ways to generate revenue with your business? You’re not alone. Many businesses worldwide are pivoting their business structure to generate revenue online. Luckily, there are ways to generate income online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gift card promotion:

It may be hard to sell your products online, and that’s ok! Creating a gift card promotion is a great incentive to keep customers in the door. Selling gift cards at a discounted rate gives your client money off, and keeps revenue coming in. There is also an added bonus for customers who redeem their gift card and keep returning afterwards. This is actually a preferred method to generate income online during COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have relied on this method to help pay for staff and other monthly expenses. Personal services, like hair or nail salons, can find this method especially useful when trying to generate immediate revenue. Promotions such as purchasing a $120 gift card for the price of $100 can be an effective way to offer a discount on unspecified items or services.

Sales for future services:

Limited on time to set up a gift card processor on your website? Hosting sales on services to be redeemed at a later date is an easy way to get revenue in the door and customers coming in the future. This method is especially useful to cosmetologists or other service providers who do not have physical products to sell. An effective way of selling these services now, instead of later, is by discounting them and setting a date for when it can be redeemed. For example, if you own a carpet cleaning company, you may run a special rate for an entire home cleaning that is purchased now and redeemable in the next 12 months. This way, there is a limit on the promotion, but also allows flexibility in these uncertain times.

Host an online seminar:

Hosting an online seminar is an easy way to share your craft with others. Using an online streaming platform, like Patreon , is a reliable way to share private content to paying customers. Sites like this allow clients pay a flat rate to view your video or audio clip, or pay on a monthly basis if you plan on uploading content often. A creative way some restaurants could use this resource is by streaming cooking lessons or tips and tricks in the kitchen. This can be a fun and interactive way to share content and tutorials such as welding, sewing, or even at home workouts if you’re a personal trainer.

Promotion for future date:

The end of the COVID-19 crisis may not mean a floodgate of customers. Getting customers excited for sales post-social distancing is a great way to keep spirits high and eager customers back in the door. Consider setting a future date for an exclusive promotion when you plan to be open again. A great example is offering a VIP discount to the first 20 customers who arrive on re-opening day. The discount could be mandatory for a purchase that day or allow it to be redeemed in the coming weeks or months.

Sale for health care providers:

To show your support in your community, allowing a discount to those severely impacted by COVID-19 is a great way to generate additional sales and create a relationship with the community. Many restaurants, retailers, and personal service providers may offer an exclusive discount of an additional 20% off to healthcare providers.

With a little creativity and exploration, there are many ways to generate online income during COVID-19 with limited resources. And don’t forget, once you have a program in place, get the word out! Email blasts, social posts, and advertising on your website are all effective when reaching your online audience.

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