Will Livestreaming Help Attract Your Target Audience?

/Will Livestreaming Help Attract Your Target Audience?

Will Livestreaming Help Attract Your Target Audience?

If you’re a small business owner targeting millennials, you’ve probably discovered that this particular group of consumers doesn’t respond well to traditional marketing techniques. As the majority of young adults rely on technology for everything from communication to shopping, it’s essential that businesses are using technology to advertise their products and services. Remember that as technology progresses, so do your marketing options.

Livestreaming, which includes delivering company content live over the Internet, has recently grown in popularity among companies trying to appeal to millennials and a wider audience in general. Interactive platforms like Periscope take traditional video posting to a whole new level. If you’re debating whether to take advantage of livestreaming to grow your small business, it’s important to understand how it can be used for your company and the benefits you could see.

Why are the advantages of livestreaming?

You’ve probably noticed after seeing the results of your first few marketing campaigns that people – particularly millennials – respond best to visual content. Images and videos make it easier for consumers to retain information. When integrated into marketing efforts, visual content also makes it more likely that your ads will be viewed, especially compared to those that consist of text alone. Livestreaming takes the benefits of visual content up a notch in several ways:

  • Personal connection – People want to buy products made and sold by actual people. There’s no better strategy to show your customers that your business is run by real people than using livestreaming to provide information into what you do. This is a great way to tell your company’s story and offer a sense of authenticity that your customers will value highly.
  • Increase interaction – Consumers like to be able to ask questions and share their opinions with the companies that they’re buying from. With livestreaming, you can share information about your company and what your team does while simultaneously responding to questions that viewers have on social media sites. Not only is this incredibly engaging, but also direct, as customers can have their questions answered right away. In a world where people aren’t used to waiting, this efficiency will appeal to consumers and keep them coming back for more information about your company and product updates.
  • Building loyalty – Many business owners who have used livestreaming to promote their small companies have noted that it has allowed them to make strong connections with consumers across the world. Speaking to someone in real-time is much more personal than creating an ad on Facebook that explains who you are and what your company does. One business owner, Aandra Bohlen, a business consultant for entrepreneurs, told the Huffington Post that after using Periscope for a couple of years, she didn’t just have the opportunity to form relationships with consumers who are now loyal customers, but famous names like Oprah Winfrey who were impressed by her live videos.

How can you make livestreaming work for your company?
There are plenty of ways to get creative with livestreaming to help you expand your consumer base. If your business sells a niche service or products, livestreaming may be particularly effective at attracting consumers who otherwise wouldn’t understand what your company does, as you’ll reach a wider audience.

This form of advertising also makes promoting new products easier, as customers can see them being introduced in real-time and questions are answered as they arise. Livestreaming is also effective at attracting young potential hires who place a lot of value on company culture. For business events, it’s also a good idea to livestream the occasion to show what your company is like and that there is a good work-life balance.