What Software Offers Big Benefits to Small Businesses?

/What Software Offers Big Benefits to Small Businesses?

What Software Offers Big Benefits to Small Businesses?

Software can make or break your small business. It can hinder your efforts or help you reach your goals. Which would you prefer?

Don’t make the mistake of investing in ineffective solutions. Shop from these top software choices that made the cut based on affordability and agility.

When I Work

Retailers and restaurants face the issue of scheduling. Unlike your typical  9-to-5s, these industries include wonky hours that tend to vary week-to-week. Voted by Ink magazine as one of the top small business softwares of 2015, When I Work is an easy-to-use interface that can streamline scheduling.

For $29 a month, you can upload schedules to the site, give employees the ability to trade shifts and request time off, and communicate with colleagues via messages. Scheduling has never been easier. 


Small business owners are bogged down with enough responsibility, making it nearly impossible to keep a journal of everyone’s payroll. That’s where Bookkeeper comes in handy. The software offers a versatile number of benefits for a one-time $40 fee. 

As stated by Avanquest, Bookkeeper’s myriad perks include paying bills, making paychecks, writing reports, creating invoices and processing credit cards. Plus, you can access updated tax forms. It’s the most reasonable accountant you’ll ever get. 


It’s a known fact that many start-ups need to accomplish a lot with very few resources. In the same way that you can save money if you stop frequenting your favorite cafe every morning, you can also put a few nickels and dimes in the piggy bank by skipping over certain software like Outlook or Publisher.

That $100 may not seem like much on its own, but if you continue to cut corners, you can stash hundreds or even an extra $1,000. Does this sound like a scam? It’s not. And don’t fret – you don’t have to handwrite your memos, just opt for a more affordable program. Try Scribus, which is absolutely free and provides users with ample templates to create brochures, fliers and other products. Once again, it’s free!


You don’t need to rush out to an office supply store to snatch a copy of Microsoft Office. It may be valuable, but it’s not economical. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve owned a business for 10 years, you can easily accomplish what you need to with LibreOffice, which is essentially a free version of Microsoft Office. According to LibreOffice, this gratis alternative is made possible by the nonprofit organization The Document Foundation.  


​If you’re in the food and beverage industry, you’ve seen on shows like "Bar Rescue" just how bleak business can get if you’re not careful about tracking your money and supplies. Reduce the chances of Jon Taffer paying your eatery a visit by investing in MarketMan.

As explained by MarketMan, restaurant owners can place orders, manage supplies and check in on preexisting orders from anywhere using cloud technology. 

This jack-of-all-trades software can reduce the number of errors you make because it automates ordering. Not feeling like placing an order? You can delegate tasks without forgoing transparency. Sample before you buy by scheduling a demo. 

Try one or all of these software options to streamline tasks and save a few bucks.