Wearable Tech for Small Business

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Wearable Tech for Small Business

Have you ever considered strapping a smartphone to your wrist? What about a laptop? The bigger the device, the crazier it might sound to attach them to your body, but now that wearable technology has become a hot topic in business news, the ability to make your favorite digital mediums even more accessible might be right around the corner. If you’re trying to grow your small business, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest advancements- even if the trend seems a little more likely in an episode of the Jetsons. 

A match made in heaven

Technology and business have been entangled for quite some time now, working together to forge new avenues of success. Think about your own corporation – even if you prefer to keep a low-tech environment, chances are, you still have a desktop or laptop computer with which you use to answer emails or sort through various financial accounts. If nothing else, you’re using a computer or mobile device to view this information right now, which is a step in the right digital direction. 

No matter where you fall on the technology spectrum, it’s part of everyday life now, living and thriving as a framework for even the simplest tasks. From the spread of communication to basic information gain, there are several ways to use digital options to your company’s advantage, and now that wearable tech promises to make these functions even simpler, it’s worth looking into.

What IS wearable tech?

If you wear a watch, you probably recognize that these wrist-adorning objects have become more about fashion than usefulness. In an age where clocks are everywhere, from the corner of your laptop screen to your phone’s LED display, reminders about time are in no short supply. Wearing a watch is still helpful for those odd times when technology isn’t accessible. Now think about how the phone – formerly a method of vocal communication – has transformed into a multidimensional tool that, in some cases, can act like a handheld computer. What if your watch could do the same?

While there’s buzz aplenty about different forms of wearable tech, such as rings and bracelets, a popular and current iteration of this trend takes the basic fundamentals of wristwatch couture and transforms them into devices that can intercept text messages, emails and other notifications that would ordinarily go straight to your smartphone. Instead of having to pull out your mobile device during an important meeting to see who might have sent you something, you can simply glance at your wrist. 

What’s the big deal?

The above example might seem low-key in terms of business involvement, but that’s what people thought about other prominent tools (skeptics never thought the Internet would take off, for instance). Even now, companies are churning out ways to incorporate technology in more wearable fashions, to the point where curved batteries are in development to ensure that future models have a suitable power source. 

Although much of the news is still in the early forecasting stages, one thing’s for certain – wearable tech is here to stay.