Want to Reach More Customers this Holiday Season? Go Mobile!

/Want to Reach More Customers this Holiday Season? Go Mobile!

Want to Reach More Customers this Holiday Season? Go Mobile!

Turn to Mobile Marketing this Holiday Season and Watch The Sales Roll In

How often do you check your phone? If you’re like most people it’s at least once every five minutes or so. Whether you’re on Facebook or Twitter, or browsing your favorite website, or just checking your email, people these days tend to whip out their phones every time they have an idle minute to spare.

Now think about how many customers you have. Most of them probably do the same thing, right? So why haven’t you focused your marketing for the holiday shopping season on phones in particular? It’s a really simple idea that seems like a no-brainer, but the thing is that it’s so obvious that most small businesses don’t think about it. But thinking about it could lead to far more foot traffic coming through your doors in the next month and a half or so.

There are a lot of different kinds of mobile marketing, from paying for mobile ads specifically on the kinds of apps people use every day (again, Facebook and so on) or something as simple as a text message marketing campaign. This is a great way to reach people who are always eager to reach for their phones at the slightest provocation. The problem with this, however, is that people don’t necessarily want to see intrusive ads, and may not want to receive texts from your business. For that reason, you’re going to have to make it worth their while.

This might include giving mobile customers an exclusive and more valuable discount on certain products or services you sell than what’s available to people who bring in a flyer or other type of coupon. That may make it feel as though the kind of mobile marketing you’re doing is more special for them, and could increase customer engagement and, in the end, perhaps even loyalty.

But you have to be smart about your approach here. Texting people with special offers every day might be a little bit of overkill, and instead, keeping the marketing up every few days (or more) through the end of the holiday shopping season could end up serving you well. In fact, you may even want to keep up this kind of effort – with a little less frequency – all year round. Added discounts just for checking a text? That’s the kind of thing many consumers can get behind, and that in turn can help your small business considerably.