Want Better Leads? Prepare to Give Speeches

/Want Better Leads? Prepare to Give Speeches

Want Better Leads? Prepare to Give Speeches

Get More Leads by Giving Speeches

If you are interested in giving your existing pipeline of leads a real shot in the arm, one way you can do so is to give speeches at venues that will help you to build your credibility and have high-quality opportunities for follow-up.

You don’t have to have the speaking prowess of Barack Obama or Steve Jobs, but be sure to prepare so that this opportunity isn’t wasted. Before you reach out to anyone in an effort to obtain these speaking opportunities, you should be sure to construct a plan. Take a minute to prepare an inventory of your existing skills and network contacts. Doing so will likely provide you with a far better return on the time and effort that you put into these endeavors.

What knowledge do you have that would impress others? What subjects could you speak on? 

Be ready to sell yourself

If you want to obtain speaking engagements, you must prepare a compelling case for why organizations should provide you with such opportunities, according to a MoneyWatch opinion piece written by sales and public speaking expert Tom Searcy.

You should take a minute to consider what specific value you have to offer, he noted. A unique message would help you stand out from the competition and land a speaking gig. Having significant experience or notable accomplishments might make it far easier for you to obtain a speaking gig.

When on stage consider your speaking skills

It might be wise to spend some time considering your public speaking skills. Should you spend some time practicing with people who can give you feedback on your talents? Are you ready to overcome the nervousness that many people have when speaking in public?

It would be wise to test considerations such as these before you actually get up on a podium and give a speech. Figuring out ahead of time how to manage any anxiety could save you a lot of time and energy.

If you want to overcome this fear, keep in mind that speaking venues can provide great opportunities. They can be particularly helpful in the event that you are offering a sophisticated service to the market such as consulting. So, approach the speech with confidence, and maybe watch a couple famous orators work their magic before you get in front of the microphone.

Who do you know that could help you set up opportunities to build credibility in this way?

Network with other speakers

Searcy noted that one strong way you can quickly improve your speaking game is joining Toastmasters International. He noted that by participating in this organization, you can potentially find tips to overcome any fear you might have of public speaking. Also, you can bolster your existing skills and also network with other people who are interested in succeeding.

If you want to generate some leads through giving talks in public, be sure that you prepare yourself so that you won’t end up wasting these valuable opportunities.