Visme: What Is It And Would Your Small Business Benefit From It?

/Visme: What Is It And Would Your Small Business Benefit From It?

Visme: What Is It And Would Your Small Business Benefit From It?

Taking advantage of visual content is an essential aspect of making your small business successful. Whether you’re starting a new marketing campaign or creating a presentation to deliver to a big client, providing images is essential to making content more engaging and effective. However, until recently, small business owners either had to have experience with creating visual content or hire someone who could handle the task for them. But what if you don’t have the skills or outsourcing funds to impress clients and potential customers with high-end visual reports or infographics?

Visme is a cloud-based presentation platform designed for business owners with little design skills and funding for outsourcing. As most people – from consumers to potential business partners – retain information and respond better to content when visuals are involved, it may be time to consider enhancing your company’s presentations and ads. If you’re wondering whether Visme is right for your company, here’s what you should know about the product and what it can do for you.

How does Visme make content creation easier?

Visme allows you to start with a single idea and turn it into a form of visual content. The hands-on platform offers options including banners for ads, presentations, infographics and a templates with customizable dimensions. The tool provides users with the option to animate almost any object used in the project and embed it to external sites when completed.

Digital media from sites like Flickr are also compatible with Visme, so you can import visuals along with information that you want to use with your project to the system during the creation process. Once projects are completed, there are a number of ways to view and share them. You can access them on any electronic device, import them to your company website, post them online or even download them to a file that can be used offline. 

When it comes to sharing with teams, users can set different levels of accessibility for each team member. An analytics dashboard even shows who has viewed your content and for how long. This is a convenient way of getting feedback on certain projects with marketing campaigns.

What makes Visme unique?

You may have noticed when doing your research that Visme is similar to many online services that are also designed to make visual content creation easier. However, Visme was built with an easy-to-use interface for those who have absolutely no experience with visual content creation, but want to step up their game with everything from their company’s sales reports to online advertisements. The fact that the platform was designed specifically for content novices has made the system enticing to entrepreneurs and business owners looking to continue expanding their companies without spending a fortune on content creation tools.

"I believe everyone has a creative side, but most of us never get to express it because we often don’t have the right toolset, the time nor the patience," Payman Taei, founder of Visme, told ZDNet. "Visme is changing that by allowing you to translate your ideas into engaging content."

As a small business owner who’s trying to grow your company, it’s also useful to know that Visme began as a start-up in Maryland in 2013 and has since grown in popularity. According to the Visme website, major companies and organizations like Microsoft and The Juilliard School currently use the content creation tool. 

Whether you decide to try Visme or another presentation platform, it’s important to remember that complementing your content with features that bring information to life like animated images and graphics will help to give your small business the look that will attract your target audience and desired clientele.