Top 5 Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners On-The-Go

/Top 5 Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners On-The-Go

Top 5 Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners On-The-Go

Modern entrepreneurs never sit still and need apps that can keep up

Whether on the road or jet-setting internationally, these business owners are on the go and in need of ways to streamline business operations no matter their location.

Enter: new and improved smartphone applications.

Mobile apps have come a long way since their inception. No longer is this market filled with little games that have terrible graphics. Now, entrepreneurs can use sophisticated applications to simplify their day-to-day, connect with their clientele, attract new business and keep up with the Kardashians, all from the same little screen.

Below are a few small business tips for finding the right mobile apps in 2014:

1. Travel with style and comfort.

Forget going to the airport terminal guys for help. Small business owners often do a lot of traveling when they’re first starting out, and more flights are often symptoms of success. Gone are the days of needing a tour guide, however. With so many applications on the market that will get you from point A to point B without the hassle of asking for directions, it’s no wonder why important people are zipping around airports with their heads down and screens out. Viator, for instance, is an app that makes it seem like visitors to new locations have lived there for years. It propagates a list of activities and places the locals like, as well as gives individuals a chance to scope out other businesses in the area. There’s always time to check out the competition.

2. Get to the bottom of conference networking.

Small business conferences can be daunting for some. Not only are there people everywhere who seem to do all the things you do, but they’ll often dream up reasons to talk to you about topics that leave you reeling, and that’s before the keynote speech. Bizzabo, however, is an application that helps small business owners guide these connections fluidly. It will pair people up based on similar interests and then help you sift through the options ahead of time so no one’s stuck in those awkward situations. Additionally, it has a save feature that keeps the promising connections handy for the future.

3. Save and retrieve information efficiently.

The cloud is everywhere, and small business owners who haven’t adopted its remote access features and scalable storage should consider their options. With so many public cloud options available now, there’s no reason small firms can’t find at least one use for it. This market is always evolving, as well, and now that the need for cloud-based options is growing, big name tools, such as Dropbox, are churning out easy-to-use apps. With these options, entrepreneurs are at the helm of their data storage wherever they are, able to send and receive documents without being chained to a computer.

4. View those spreadsheets on the fly.

Opening up complex screens in a smartphone’s browser can be glitchy. Not everything is optimized for viewing on such a micro scale, but when you need a spreadsheet, it’s important to have it at the ready. Polaris Office, an application designed for just such occasions, attaches to the company’s cloud and allows small business owners to call up these documents without worrying about losing details.

5. Keep managing from afar.

It’s hard for small business owners to give up their reigns, and that’s just fine. Especially when a company is new and fresh, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of the goings-on in all aspects of the firm. While away, however, this can be tricky, and although corporate technologies are opening up doors all over the place that allow for more convenience, they still require at least a laptop to function. Until now. Jump Desktop is an application that lets you remotely connect to another screen via remote desktop protocol. Now, if an employee is frantic and needs your help ASAP, you can beam in with just a click of a button. How’s that for efficiency?