Tips to Expand Your Retail Brand Using Pinterest

/Tips to Expand Your Retail Brand Using Pinterest

Tips to Expand Your Retail Brand Using Pinterest

Pinning Can Equal Winning for Your Small Business

These days many small business experts are advocating that owners and their employees get more involved in promoting their companies on Pinterest. But why?

The fact of the matter is that, while you may not use it yourself, the site has tens of millions of users and is rapidly expanding. However, most business owners don’t know how it works. It’s time to get over that lack of familiarity; most people didn’t know how to properly use Facebook or Twitter when they first signed up, so you shouldn’t treat this any differently.

Post Often

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you get involved with Pinterest is make sure you’re regularly posting content on the site, including photos of your latest offerings and other things you think your target audience might find interesting and want to share. But as with other social networks, it’s important not to overdo it.

Pin it!

If you’ve been smart about implementing your company’s social strategy, you’ve probably already put buttons at the bottom of every page on your website to "like" or "share" the content on Facebook and Twitter. You can – and should – do the same thing with Pinterest, giving users the ability to "Pin" your content to their own boards. It’s a simple solution to a problem you didn’t know you had.

Be Social

The problem with any social media efforts, of course, is that many small businesses don’t get involved as they should be. Using Pinterest should go beyond just posting things every day, and should instead also include interactions that allow you to better connect with other users so that you are utilizing the site not only as a marketing tool, but as a way to increase consumer satisfaction and engagement with your page and products.

Know Your Audience

Of course, Pinterest isn’t for everyone. Studies show that the average user of the site is a younger female who tends to be at least a little tech savvy. If that doesn’t sound like your target audience, obviously any efforts you put into succeeding on the site will probably end up being a waste of your rather valuable time. In that case, then, you might be better off trying to connect with consumers on other social networking sites – which may be more demographically compatible with your ideal customers – instead.