The Guide to Personal Email Marketing Campaigns

/The Guide to Personal Email Marketing Campaigns

The Guide to Personal Email Marketing Campaigns

Developing an email marketing campaign can do wonders for your brand. This digital format provides your business the opportune platform on which you can quickly share information, coupons, deals and links in a cost-effective manner – in fact, according to research compiled by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing campaigns yield an ROI of 4,300 percent.

While mass emails – like weekly newsletters and daily discounts – are a great way to reach a wide audience and spread awareness for your brand, it’s important to adopt personal email marketing campaigns to appease individual consumers and show that your company truly cares for each of its followers.

Personal email marketing campaigns are only sent to one person or one group of consumers, whereas conventional campaigns are more far-reaching. Deals or content in personal emails are tailored to a specific segment of your digital audience, whether it be consumers who are more likely to purchase using a teacher ID or those who are having a birthday.

If you’re considering how your company can craft such personalized communications, consider why – and how – you should make and send these messages.

A birthday bonanza

When your consumers first sign up for email communications, have them provide their birth date, letting them know that they will receive special deals on their big day. Once the date comes around, it’s important to send a personal email recognizing the occasion. You don’t need to develop a personalized birthday email for each consumer, but rather create a birthday email template you’re able to change the name or information on. This can either include a general coupon with a small discount, or a more specific one based on buying preferences.

One great way to gauge your digital audience’s shopping preferences without conducting an in-depth analysis of their purchasing history is by asking your followers to complete a quick questionnaire about their favorite things. This can be as simple as discovering which product or service they’re most likely to purchase from your brand, or as complex as filling out a more comprehensive question sheet.

Seasonal shout-outs

The holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean your consumers are no longer looking for timely deals. As you’re sending weekly newsletters, target specific segments within the address list. For example, with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, set aside a section of your newsletter for sports fans. You can include a brief rundown of how your products can be used while watching a football game, or you can detail sports-themed promotions that are only available for those who come in your store donning athletic apparel. 

Hey, big spenders!

Trying to target consumers who are more likely to spend? Develop email templates to send to buyers once they’ve spent a certain amount of money in your store or online. These prewritten emails can feature deals for those who are more likely to drop cash in your store, as well as thank-you blurbs detailing your gratitude.