Technology Spotlight: 3 New Devices That May Change Business in 2015

/Technology Spotlight: 3 New Devices That May Change Business in 2015

Technology Spotlight: 3 New Devices That May Change Business in 2015

Technology plays a profound role for small business owners looking to streamline operations and bring their brands into the 21st century. As you’re searching for simple solutions that will assist you as you grow your small business, look to the latest technology trends and how they may impact your company in the future.

You may not be selling self-driving cars or implementing fitness-tracking in your business, but the technology found in the following devices may shape the business landscape as they become more developed in the next two to three years.

1. Instant translators

Translation is a major concern for many companies that conduct business with international clients or vendors. Investing in professional services may yield accurate results, but often these businesses charge a hefty fee for content. However, Skype recently launched a new instant translation service that may change the landscape of the practice for good.

According to BBC News, the technology remains in its infant phase. It can only translate between English and Spanish, and often delivers uneven or inaccurate results. But the translated core content is accurately conveyed between parties. Small business owners should keep an eye on this service as it develops, as it could drastically change the way they offer customer support for global consumers in the future. 

2. Virtual reality

Virtual reality has remained a futuristic dream for many forward thinkers, authors and scientists for the past several decades. Only after the release of Oculus virtual reality software have people begun to accept the fact that this technology may be within our grasp in the next decade or so.

The software allows users to step into virtual worlds, whether they’re interacting with video games or apps. Facebook, which recently purchased the Oculus brand, announced it was developing an app for its social network to be compatible with the device. This technology may seem into the business realm soon after, offering companies the chance to make their own apps to demo products before purchase.

3. Self-destructing books

Yep, you read that right.

James Patterson, well-known author of page-turning suspense novels, announced his newest book would destruct after 24 hours. Granted, it’s an e-book that will disappear from a reader’s library one full day after it was purchased, but the thought itself is wildly innovative. Small business owners can take this concept and apply it to any of their own digital products, finding new ways to leverage digital technology to get their product in the hands of consumers.