Tailoring Your Twitter To Customers’ Expectations

/Tailoring Your Twitter To Customers’ Expectations

Tailoring Your Twitter To Customers’ Expectations

Creating and maintaining a well-run social media campaign is vital for your small business, whether you’re managing several networks or relying upon two or three. Twitter is one of the most important sites to join for a number of reasons – one of the most important being the universal accessibility among companies and consumers alike.

Twitter allows users to create unique, creative campaigns that can be directly tailored to consumers’ desires. While offering promotional products, sparking discussion and relaying industry news are all essential ingredients for a well-run account, several businesses have discovered other ways to boost engagement on this site.

Matching features to your industry

Companies on Twitter have found a variety of ways to encourage consumer interaction, but wave of corporations has recently begun using the site as a means to conduct business – as opposed to merely promoting. For example, some restaurants that deliver pizzas or meals allow customers to merely tweet their order to have it ready.

Additionally, online retailer Amazon announced that customers using this site could link their Twitter accounts to their shopping carts. Users who tweet the phrase "#AmazonCart" in response to one of the retailer’s posts can automatically add items to their shopping cart. The company noted that the feature is only available to users who have public profiles, and they cannot place direct orders with the tweet – they can just save items for later.

Finding new ways to leverage your Twitter account to better serve your pre-existing consumer base is essential for companies, especially those that are searching for innovative ways to reach a wider audience. While not all industries may have the capability of linking their Twitter account to their shopping carts, they may be able to find ways to encourage consumers to further interact using these sites. It’s important for small business owners to carefully monitor their social media accounts after adopting a similar policy, as timeliness is key.

Recognizing the power of viral content

Aside from tailoring your profile’s capabilities to better serve consumers, small business owners must recognize how influential viral content can become on this site. Elle DeGeneres made headlines after her star-studded selfie from the Oscars garnered the greatest amount of likes or retweets the site had ever seen. In the same vein, the CIA received an equal amount of press following the creation of its Twitter account on June 6, 2014. The organization’s first tweet, which has seen nearly 300,000 retweets in just 15 days, read: "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet." 

Small businesses may not have the star power of DeGeneres or the recognizability of the CIA, but they can still take advantage of rising trends to generate meaningful, viral content. Keeping posts relevant to their industry is equally impactful, as these individuals can further cement their place as a knowledge leader in their specific field.