Small Business Software: Make Email Marketing A Breeze

/Small Business Software: Make Email Marketing A Breeze

Small Business Software: Make Email Marketing A Breeze

Email marketing is a crucial component of communicating with your consumer base. Sharing information with your customers becomes much easier when emailing is involved, but many small business owners don’t know where to turn when developing newsletters, email templates or contact lists for best results.

If you’re not sure where to start, try using one of these trusted website to get your email marketing campaign off the ground. Many of these organizations have built-in templates and resources detailing best practices concerning how to reach out to your consumers.

1. MailChimp

​If you listened to the podcast "Serial," you’ve probably heard an advertisement for MailChimp. This site breaks down the basics of your target audience based on who’s opening which emails, which communications they’re most likey to open and which features may offer the best ROI. It also allows you to custom pick which people receive certain emails, permitting you the opportunity to really target a select group of potential buyers.

2. Litmus

Litmus, on the other hand, shows you which formats perform best on certain devices – such as iPhones or Android phones – and how design can impact consumer interaction. Through this site, you can test certain emails and discover how to develop the most effective templates.

3. BombBomb

​Integrating videos in your emails or website? Smart move – this content form has grown immensely popular in the past several months. BombBomb is an excellent resource for small business owners who are looking to measure their ROI on these videos. This feature allows you to view who has opened your videos or clicked on links in the email, giving you the opportunity to follow up with users who are most likely to engage with your brand. 

4. SendLoop

​If you’re blending your email marketing campaign with your social strategy, SendLoop is the way to go. This site tracks how your consumers are interacting with the content of your email across various other sites and apps, including Facebook and Twitter. It also offers a number of widgets tailored to certain sites and features.

5. HubSpot

​HubSpot offers features similar to the other pages presented, but provides an easy-to-follow format for small business owners in need of a quick and easy template. This user-friendly site is ideal for those who are strapped for time or unaware how to build the most effective email campaign.