Retail Resources: Turning Over Leads With Tablets

/Retail Resources: Turning Over Leads With Tablets

Retail Resources: Turning Over Leads With Tablets

Tablets and smartphones allow your consumers to interact with your brand at the touch of a button. Mobile users can access your content from a variety of locations around the globe, without having to visit your store to sample your offerings.

But is there a way to use these mobile devices to drive more consumers to your physical site?

If you know how to use them, the answer is a resounding yes. Tablets in particular offer a range of benefits for small business owners, as they allow consumers to interact with many of the store’s services on a technologically advanced surface. 

Wondering how tablets can help your business attract more consumers? Consider the following ways to install them in your store.

Use tablets to show off your services

Setting up a station in your store equipped with two or three tablets linked to your brand’s website is a great way to show consumers your entire inventory at the touch of a button. This option is ideal for companies that have a wide range of goods that are homemade, such as custom floral arrangements or tailored clothing. Alternatively, businesses that offer individualized services can use tablets to get an accurate read of consumers’ needs by asking them a series of questions pertaining to the help they require. 

Stores that see large numbers of visitors, yet have a smaller number of staff, may use tablets to create a queue for consumers, allowing them to enter their requests on the device while viewing how long it will be before they’re seen by a store worker. 

Call your consumers to action

Install tablets around the store to inspire visitors to interact with your brand and your business. Kiosks can be set to your brand’s social media pages, including its Facebook and Twitter, showing visitors how to easily access them. Consider setting business cards next to your stations to allow visitors to take away links to your social media pages so that when they get home, they can like or follow your brand.

A small tablet or mobile device near your cashier or next to the door may also be a great way to get visitors to provide you with their contact information, including names, phone numbers and email addresses. Giving consumers an easy platform on which they can enter information is a surefire way to get responses, as visitors who can provide info at the touch of a button may be more likely to give it. 

Ask visitors about your app

Thinking about debuting a new app for your business? There’s no better way to test its impact than on your consumers. Set up mobile devices equipped with your app to not only raise awareness about the new program, but also examine how visitors are viewings its contents in real time. Be sure to have a small questionnaire – whether on paper or screen – for consumers to provide feedback.

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