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Retail Resources: Mobile Marketing

From the way we receive breaking news to the methods by which we pay for goods, smartphones continue to revolutionize the way consumers interact with different companies around the world. As businesses develop their mobile marketing strategies, it’s imperative that small business owners look to their own tactics and examine the way mobile devices can be used to drive more foot traffic to their stores.

But before you can adopt the perfect mobile marketing strategy, it’s important to learn about the different tactics currently in use and how your target demographic responds to certain marketing endeavors.

Text messages for the brave

Many companies have already integrated texting into their promotion tactics. As consumers give information to your brand – whether by filling out an online form or speaking to a store representative in person – it’s possible to enter their numbers in a digital database that will send automated mass texts to any numbers in the program. While this is an effective way to quickly and efficiently inform consumers about promotions or deals currently happening in your store, it can easily create animosity among consumers, especially those who do not enjoy unsolicited texts. It’s important to send people an option to unsubscribe to the service, as this shows consumers that you both respect their privacy and care about their personal preferences.

All about your app

At this point, you already recognize the benefits of having an app, but it’s equally important that small business owners learn how to leverage their mobile apps to engage more consumers. Many apps allow the user to receive push notifications, or alerts that spring up whenever new information becomes available to the downloader. Facebook, for example, send push notifications when users get likes, comments or updates on their personal profiles.

Similar to this site, your small business can use push notifications to send updates about in-store promotions, coupons or happenings in your company. Like your text message strategy, consumers should be presented with an option to turn off any notifications, but those who keep them will have access to exclusive deals that may inspire more users to sign up.

Optimize your ads for mobile

Mobile optimization, or making your website user-friendly for those accessing it from mobile devices, is crucial for your business. When it comes to your mobile advertising strategy, making your ads mobile-friendly can be the difference between winning those consumers and alienating mobile users.

There are many tactics to follow when developing mobile ads. First, they should be visually appealing – people looking at the ad on their smartphones will only be able to see a few inches, so your ad should effectively make its point in that small space. Next, it’s important not to overwhelm the visitor with too many clickable options. Stick with one call to action, like a button that links to a purchasing option or back to your official website. 

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