Retail Resources: In-store Promotions

/Retail Resources: In-store Promotions

Retail Resources: In-store Promotions

Small business owners are constantly trying to attract new consumers to their stores. Buyers are often intrigued by promotions, sales and displays – all of which can be tailored to your target demographic, whether you’re reaching them on a virtual platform or trying to attract onlookers from the street.

As you’re plumping up your physical location, it’s important to place several in-store promotions around in order to attract and intrigue visitors. There are many options from which small business owners can choose when selecting the ideal display. Depending on the type of buyer you’re trying to reach, as well as the resources available to your brand, your business may be best suited for one of the following.

Enticing interactive displays

Setting up an interactive display is one of the most exciting ways you can not only get consumers to visit your location, but also become more familiar with your products and how they work. If your business sells art supplies, consider setting up a station that asks any visitor to create his or her own masterpiece using only three supplies. Host a weekly contest for your site visitors, informing them that you will upload images of their art to your Facebook page and call for followers to vote on their favorite piece. At the end of the week, the piece with the highest number of likes will receive a prize, such as a store discount or new product from your brand. By integrating your in-store promotion with an online marketing strategy, you can both boost foot traffic to your store and virtual traffic to your social networks.

Alternatively, tailoring your displays to trending topics is critical for captivating your consumers. Be sure to stay on top of news stories or events that may be of interest to your consumers. For example, during sports seasons, your brand may enjoy setting up an interactive sports display relevant to the business. Customers could compete with friends or store visitors for certain prizes or coupons from your company.

Thrilling table treats

While your company may be intrigued by the prospect of developing an interactive display for consumers to interact with, setting up a promotional table may be more realistic for certain brands. These stations may require less manpower to operate, allowing small business owners to keep an eye on their stores while also creating fun opportunities for consumers. 

When crafting a creative table for customers, be sure to link the items to your brand. One exciting option would be to set up a guessing contest for visitors – have them submit their names, email addresses and answers to a puzzle or challenge. The winner could be featured on your brand’s Facebook page, or he or she could win a new product from your business. 

Instead of offering a contest, your company could use these tables to promote a particular deal going on in-store, such as highlighting the fact that any item marked with an orange sticker is 50 percent off.