Retail Resources: Holiday Displays for the Season

/Retail Resources: Holiday Displays for the Season

Retail Resources: Holiday Displays for the Season

December is the perfect time to set out festive holiday displays that encourage consumers to purchase from your store. Not only do hanging lights and strung garland make your store look more seasonal, but they may be key for driving visitors to buy from your brand.

Locately recently conducted a survey among holiday shoppers, discovering that whichever brands created intricate seasonal displays were significantly more likely to see higher revenue than those that did not.

If you’re searching for ways to spruce up your store this season, try one of the following tactics for increased festivity.

Use your inventory to your advantage

When it comes to holiday decorations, your store is already well-stocked with items that are ideal for rearranging. Pay special attention to color, opting to prominently display products that are red, green, silver, white, blue and gold.

If your store sells symmetrical items – like cans of soda or items sold in boxes – take a hint from your local grocery store and using the varying colors to create a picture in your stack. Try spelling out a festive phrase, like "Happy Holidays," or creating a large snowman from their sides.

Finding unique ways to use your inventory as decoration can not only allow you to display more unique items you may have in stock, but also offer a perfect way to draw in visitors who may have passed by your seasonal window display.

What about a winter wonderland?

Opting for a display that can be kept up all winter – as opposed to just the holiday season – may be best if your brand is looking for more long-term decorations. If this is the case, go for a winter wonderland theme, using fake snow to line the windows, and shades of blue and white to adorn the walls. 

This also presents a golden opportunity for your business to engage visitors. Consider setting up an active display where people can sit down and create decorations for you. This is perfect for stores that sell products for parents or children, as you can engage your younger visitors by asking them to make paper snowflakes for you. Be sure to display them on the walls so they’ll be compelled to come back and show their friends.

Got to love those lights

You can never go wrong with lights. Line the exterior of your store with lights to bring in those evening shoppers, but don’t stop there – allow your windows, counters and aisles to shine as well and your store will quickly become the talk of the neighborhood.