Retail Resources: Fostering Foot Traffic With Facebook

/Retail Resources: Fostering Foot Traffic With Facebook

Retail Resources: Fostering Foot Traffic With Facebook

Social networks are among the most effective and easiest tools at any small business owner’s disposal. Whether you prefer perusing pictures on Pinterest or talking to followers on Twitter, these sites offer unique benefits to managers looking to leverage them to find sales leads.

While adopting online tactics are preferable for some small business owners, there are ways to blend virtual and in-store promotions to greatly increase your reach among current and potential consumers. Many of these platforms are capable of connecting consumers to companies, but Facebook remains a popular option among customers and small business owners alike.

As you’re fumbling for ways to foster foot traffic with Facebook, consider adopting one of the following in-store promotions that may inspire people to frequent your store.

A call for check-ins

Most social networks now allow people who have recently visited a city or store to virtually check-in on their profile page. Those who use this feature effectively announce to their online followers that they are currently visiting or spent time in the past at your store. Checking-in is especially beneficial for small businesses, as it further spreads awareness for the brand and its offerings on Facebook. 

Although a variety of this site’s users implement this feature on their profiles, many do not think to check-in when they’re sitting down for a quick meal or dropping by for a cup of coffee. To encourage consumers to interact with your brand on Facebook, consider rewarding those who use this feature to promote your business.

For people who check-in to your store on Facebook, offer them an incentive, such as rewards points that can be redeemed for goods or entrance into a promotional giveaway. USA Today recently reported that Marriott Hotels have adopted a similar program to reward consumers who check-in on their social platforms. According to the source, people who use this feature receive points that allow them to earn PlusPoints, something hotel officials hope will strengthen their consumer base.

"Loyalty as a concept is not just about transactions," senior director of guest marketing at Kimpton Hotels explained to USA Today. "Karma is rewarding engagement."

If your small business is looking to adopt a similar program, consider placing signs in your store that explain the promotion and how consumers can receive rewards.

Rewards for loyal followers

Another great way to inspire foot traffic into your store is by releasing a Facebook promotion eligible solely to your brand’s followers. Post a status or picture with a secret keyword that can be redeemed at your store for a particular discount or coupon. Only consumers who have visited your Facebook will learn about the promotion, so to drive more people to this network, be sure to place signs in your store’s window that inform passersby about your brand’s online presence. For example, fliers could simply ask onlookers if they know the word-of-the-week, or announce that Facebook followers regularly receive special promotions.

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