Retail Resources: 6 Ways to Catch Your Consumers Up During Construction

/Retail Resources: 6 Ways to Catch Your Consumers Up During Construction

Retail Resources: 6 Ways to Catch Your Consumers Up During Construction

Construction is an essential consideration for any small business to make. Whether you’re working on your first physical site or you’re remodeling your pre-existing one, you’re bound to encounter some difficulties when it comes to how your consumers remain in the loop regarding progress on the project.

Some stores are content with posting signs on the door that feature the opening date, but for businesses that want to keep their consumers engaged throughout the construction process, consider the following ways you can keep your loyal fans involved while you renovate your store.  

1. Make walls of your windows

If your store is lined with large windows, you’ll probably want to keep them covered during the construction process. But instead of leaving your covered windows bare, use the blank spaces to feature updates from your brand as it continues to renovate its space. Use window markers or paints to give weekly updates on the project – and if you’re feeling particularly creative, cut a small space in the covering to give passersby a window through which they can view the progress. This is a cost-effective way to not only keep consumers in the loop, but also intrigue any visitors who happen to pass the display.

2. Create an image library

You’ve seen picture projects that feature images of a particular person or place every day for an entire year – follow in the footsteps of this model and take one picture in the same spot each day through construction. This provides you with material to create a cohesive video when the construction is complete, and it allows your digital followers to see up-to-the-minute improvements to your store.

3. Tweet as you go

Similarly, you can use your words to develop a live journal detailing developments. Each day, tweet something exciting about your renovations – this can be as small as, "We picked up new light bulbs!" or as grand as, "Our front doors are finally installed!" Consider turning your opening date into a hashtag so that every time your consumers read an update, they’re reminded about when you open. 

4. Drum support through social

In addition to Twitter, your other social networks are essential for updating and intriguing your virtual followers. Your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat profiles should all feature updates regarding the renovations. These sites also allow your business to put a human touch on the construction. Consider using this time to profile your employees, asking them what they’re looking forward to most about the new space.

5. Collaborate with the community

While your store is out of commission, this poses the perfect time for your brand to start meeting members of the community. Drop by local businesses to speak with fellow store owners and collaborate about ways in which your stores could work together. If you find that they offer products or services that could be sold in conjunction with your own, brainstorm ways your two brands could assist one another. This sense of community spirit is essential for not only boosting the sales within the community as a whole, but it could also be a great way to offer a more fluid transfer of employees from one store to the next.

6. Advertise an opening

No construction project is complete without a grand opening. To recapture those consumers who have been waiting for your products or services for weeks, throw a bash to welcome them back and thank them for their patience. You can offer discounts to ring in the new store, raffles and prizes for people who drop by, and a first-hand look at the new space to loyal social media followers. Be sure to spread awareness both online and in person – look for outdoor displays that will attract passersby to your store on the opening date.