RapidAdvance Named a 2016 Detroit Free Press Top Workplace

/RapidAdvance Named a 2016 Detroit Free Press Top Workplace

RapidAdvance Named a 2016 Detroit Free Press Top Workplace

We’re pleased to announce that RapidAdvance has been named the #1 place to work in the Detroit Free Press’s Top Workplaces 2016 for the small business category! We couldn’t have done it without our driven team members who bring fiery passion and contagious enthusiasm to the office every day. Thank you!

What does winning the Top Workplace Award in Detroit mean to the business and to you?

Will Tumulty, CEO – “It’s truly incredible what we’ve done in Detroit – to be awarded the #1 small business to work for in Detroit our very first year! Congratulations to our entire Detroit team for making this happen!”

Adam Speck, Vice President – “I’m so proud of our team for this incredible accomplishment! Our continued focus on a caring, enthusiastic, innovative, and exciting environment comes across in everything that we do with team members and clients. And to think, we’re only getting started. Well done!"

Corey Welch, Director of Business Finance –  “In business, profitability is one of the key indicators of performance. Many companies lead with numbers and money to drive profitability, but at RapidAdvance, we think and lead differently. We believe in driving profit from the core which is our culture. Profit from a financial standpoint is the benefit gained from an investment. At RapidAdvance our benefit gained is our one of a kind culture and environment of our organization – each and every team member is committed and passionate about personal, business and financial growth of our business and committed to our winning culture and our burning passion to help small businesses accomplish their goals. This award is the profit from our investment in people. Plain and simple. What we have created at RapidAdvance is truly the beginning of something special and we are going to continue to embrace and enjoy the journey together."

What it’s like working at RapidAdvance:

Jasmine Lockhart, Business advisor – "What we do is extremely rewarding. The people, the support, the energy, just defines who we are. We work hard. We play hard. And the fact that we are always striving to find a better way makes me proud to be a part of such an amazing team.”

Olivia Dawson, Business Advisor – "I love giving small businesses in America the opportunity to be stronger."

Alyssa Palafox, Director of Threads, Marketing Intelligence Specialist – “Our client-focused culture and team mentality makes our processes smooth and communication aligned, making it easy to accomplish our goals by helping each and every one of our clients! I am proud every day to be a part of this company because I know I am a part of achieving this goal.”

Colleen Smith,  Business Advisor – "Why do I like working at RapidAdvance? I feel like I have a second home. We aren’t just coworkers…we are a family. The culture is so special that I cannot put it into words. There is never a dull moment in the office. We keep things professional, but we still manage to have fun and keep things exciting. Knowing that I am helping small business owners grow their business and accomplish their goals is extremely rewarding. Nothing is better than hearing relief from a client after telling them they are approved." 

Yonikka Tinsley, Business Advisor – "Working at RapidAdvance is beyond fulfilling. Being a Business Advisor for this company is comparable to working with family. We are a small business helping other small businesses."

Prachi Roy, Business Advisor – "It’s the only place where every day is a new opportunity to do something amazing. By helping small businesses we’re giving families security and peace of mind. That’s priceless."

Anna Enwia,  Business Advisor – "When a client tells me I helped them increase sales from $20,000 a month to $100,000 a month, that brings me in every day and makes my career enjoyable."

Dan Spadafora,  Business Advisor – "This is not just “another job.” This company truly cares about my life and my personal goals and helping me reach my full potential. RapidAdvance has changed my life, and I love the fact that it has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams, but more importantly, also give back to others."

Building a career at RapidAdvance

RapidAdvance focuses on developing its team members in a fast-moving, competitive environment that is never boring. We have a passion for the revitalization of Detroit and the empowerment of small business owners across the country.

Learn more about working at RapidAdvance or shoot us an email: careers@rapidadvance.com


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