QUIZ: Which Avenger is Your Small Business Spirit Animal?

/QUIZ: Which Avenger is Your Small Business Spirit Animal?

QUIZ: Which Avenger is Your Small Business Spirit Animal?

The time has finally come – the highly anticipated sequel to Marvel’s "The Avengers" hits theaters at the beginning of May, and fans can hardly contain their excitement. To ready ourselves for the arrival of Marvel’s "Avengers: Age of Ultron," we’ve prepared this quiz to test which superhero best aligns with your business strategy.

Ready to find out your leadership spirit animal? Answer the following questions, then check your results.

1. When the going gets tough, you: 

a) Tend to let your emotions get the best of you.
b) Find a new way to approach the solution and get the problem solved.
c) Take a breath and analyze the best way to move forward.
d) Find ways to cut corners and get the results you need.
e) Tend to act impulsively and clean up the mess later.

2. Which ladies of the ’80s anthem do you most relate to?

a) "Total Eclipse of the Heart" – Bonnie Tyler
b) "Like a Prayer" – Madonna
c) "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" – Whitney Houston
d) "I’m Every Woman" – Chaka Khan
e) "Love is a Battlefield" – Pat Benatar

3. How would you describe your personality?

a) I wear my heart on my sleeve, which can get me in trouble from time to time.
b) I’m pretty confident when it comes to recognizing what I do well.
c) Humility is one of my strong suits.
d) I’m very ambitious – when I know what I want, I take it.
e) I’m a natural-born leader.

4. You think one of your employees is stealing from the register. You:

a) Fire him immediately.
b) Check the security footage to see if he’s on the tapes.
c) Give him the benefit of the doubt, but investigate the matter further.
d) Set up a trap to catch him in the act.
e) Confront him. 

5. How do you prefer communicating with angry customers?

a) Via email – the more time you have to craft a response, the better.
b) Via chat or texting – quick, interactive methods are the future.
c) Via phone – old-fashioned customer service is your forte.
d) In person – you can always tell how to best handle the situation when you’re face-to-face.
e) In person – your charm can get you out of any conflict.

6. If you could pick a superhero best friend, who would you choose?

a) Someone who can keep up with me intellectually, like Iron Man.
b) I’ve got enough personality to be my own best friend.
c) Someone who I can count on to always have my back, like Agent Coulson.
d) I need a good partner who can act as my foil, like Hawkeye.
e) I work better as a team, so I’d need people like Lady Syf and Volstagg.

Mostly As: The Hulk

You may make impulsive decisions and rely heavily on your emotions, but deep down, you know what’s best. Tying your heart to your business is never a bad thing – if anything, you may feel a heavier emotional investment to your brand than other leaders in your industry. You recognize that sometimes you need to stop and take a breath before taking on new challenges or answering that contentious email, but often those moments of silence offer you the clarity you need to succeed.

Mostly Bs: Iron Man

Cunning, witty, intelligent – what’s not to love about Iron Man? Tony Stark may get a little self-assured at times, but with good reason. He’s good at his job and he knows it. Whether you share the same confidence or you’re well-versed in the latest technological advances, channeling your inner Iron Man is a great way to tackle those day-to-day challenges you face as a small-business owner.

Mostly Cs: Captain America

Captain America embodies the American dream. He’s humble, level-headed and traditional – three traits that translate well to the business realm. You’re likely a fan of in-person networking, chatting with customers on the phone and trusting conventional business practices to get the job done. Try blending both old and new marketing endeavors in your company, like sending physical coupons or postcards in the mail equipped with QR codes with exclusive digital content. Your customers will enjoy the unconventional combination and appreciate your personal touch!

Mostly Ds: Black Widow

Intuitive, fast-thinking and wickedly clever, Black Widow is great at coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to any problem. Like Natasha Romanoff, you are driven by results – and you’re not afraid to employ new tactics to reach your goals. You’re among the first in line to try new devices or employ never-before-seen business practices. For you, it’s not about "if" your business will succeed – it’s "when." 

Mostly Es: Thor

People tend to look to you for guidance. You’re a natural leader – your knack for teambuilding and your penchant for decision making make you perfect for managing. You’re not afraid to tackle any issue that may arise, whether it be a client complaint or internal staff conflict. You may find that your impulsivity can get you into trouble sometimes, but there’s no hole you can’t inevitably dig yourself out of.