Office Perks Boost Employee Productivity

/Office Perks Boost Employee Productivity

Office Perks Boost Employee Productivity

Keep Employees Motivated and Engaged With a Few Office Perks

The paycheck, job security, benefits and office space you give to employees should be enough, right? The answer, especially these days, is no, not necessarily. If that’s all that staff members have to look forward to when they come to work, you’re basically providing all of the same things as the company down the street, but they have a foosball table and free coffee. Unless they’re gunning for Employee Of The Month, productivity might begin to slip as they consider whether the grass truly is greener on the other side.

On the flip side, companies that provide their workers with a few little perks have a better shot at retention than their competitors. These options don’t have to break the bank, either – as long as you keep an eye on your small business budgeting, you should notice that the following tips aren’t that extravagant after all: 

Coffee – nectar of the Gods and hard workers.

Think back to some of your favorite office-related television shows. It was almost a rule that a cup of java appeared in at least one episode. Sometimes entire carafes were present in the especially complex scenes. It isn’t so far-fetched to trust that these make-believe characters didn’t pay a dime for the coffee they’re drinking because it’s a little office perk that costs businesses next to nothing, in the grand scheme of things. Whether a traditional drip pot or a new age Keurig is selected, your employees will certainly appreciate the gesture of good will – which can help with retention. 

Computers and their subsequent repairs.

When staff members have to provide their own equipment, the hassle of bringing it back and forth cements as resentment over time. Unless they’re choosing to make use of the BYOD trend taking the small business world by storm, expecting employees to complete tasks on the computer without even a complimentary screen to use is inviting dissent. How is this a perk? Some companies are fully capable of providing, but have chosen to go another way. Unfortunately, as the world becomes more digitized, so too will employees.

Break rooms aren’t just for show.

Having a place at the office to get away every now and then is important for a good working environment. There’s nothing more sad than knowing that you’ll be eating lunch at the same desk where you sit day in and day out. Fortunately, some businesses have caught on to the idea that employees would prefer to dine in peace. If the hour or so that is typically allotted for meals or to just break out of the grind is spent sitting in the same chair, people will surely start daydreaming wistfully about other offices, where workers are treated to different spaces for eating and socializing. On that note, you should make sure that your people are encouraged to take advantage of their breaks. This aspect of office life will help people momentarily detox from their days so that they’ll return more productive than when they originally left.

Flexibility is more than a yoga stretch.

The ability to set schedules or work from home is all dependent on the work that your company does, but if it’s possible to allow employees an opportunity to be the captains of their own ships, it’s something to consider. Productivity should be the goal, regardless of where the work is being done, and if people think they’ll have more success away from the office, then why not let them try it out? If things aren’t going as planned, then you can always reconsider this option in the future. Besides – if you’ve reeled them in with some of the other tips listed above, then it shouldn’t be hard to keep them on site.