New Year, New Networks: How to De-clutter Your Social Media Pages in 2015

/New Year, New Networks: How to De-clutter Your Social Media Pages in 2015

New Year, New Networks: How to De-clutter Your Social Media Pages in 2015

Happy New Year!

As you ring in 2015, it’s time to take a good look at your small business’ operational strategies. Use the next several weeks to start eliminating the clutter, whether that means removing old inventory from your store or combing through your 2014 financials and rethinking your budget.

One simple way to start cleaning out your business assets is by starting with your social media profiles. Begin by compiling a list of the social networks your business keeps, then keep these tips in mind when cleaning them out.


Chances are, your Facebook is the largest site you’re on. Thankfully, Facebook automatically hides posts from your past, but there are still a few places you can check to ensure your page is clean and informative. 

  • Figure out your news feed: If you’re seeing clutter from pages that don’t concern your brand, look through the pages your business "likes" and start eliminating the ones that you don’t want to receive information from.
  • Reread your information: Chances are, you filled out all the important information on your Facebook when you first set it up. It may have been months  – maybe a year – since you last checked it. Give your blurbs a thorough read, updating any relevant information and rewriting sections as needed.


This network is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching and recruiting new job applicants, so ideally, you should be updating it on a weekly basis. However, with the hustle of the holiday season, this task may have fallen by the wayside. Pull up your business’ page and check the following.

  • Spruce up the summary: Similar to your Facebook, you probably filled out this field when you first created your LinkedIn page. Take a few minutes to rewrite this important section – LinkedIn recommended that small business owners tell their story in this box, as it’s one of the first things site visitors see.
  • Consider upgrading: How effective of a tool has LinkedIn been this past year? If the answer is "not very," it may be time to pursue a LinkedIn Premium account, which gives you access to better features and search fields. This resource may be crucial for ensuring your brand gets the most from this network.