Marketing Your Grocery Store for Thanksgiving

/Marketing Your Grocery Store for Thanksgiving

Marketing Your Grocery Store for Thanksgiving

Marketing Your Grocery Store for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for grocery stores. Your customers need all sorts of ingredients and supplies to put together a family meal, and they’re usually making multiple trips to get everything on their list. Make sure that you’re maximizing your opportunities by using these marketing techniques to get them through your door and stay customers for life.

Thanksgiving Meal Kits

Even experienced cooks may not feel confident enough to tackle a Thanksgiving dinner without some help. They may have looked up to their parents or grandparents and don’t feel like they stack up to the memory of those meals.

Your grocery store can give them a helping hand by putting together meal kits that make this process easier. For example, you can have a turkey with complete instructions on how to cook it, take and bake stuffing, mashed potato mix, bottled gravy, and other staples.

The primary goal is the Thanksgiving meal kit is to offer a close to fool-proof method for getting an impressive holiday meal on the table. You can also include advice about optional ingredients and cooking methods that they can use to take things to the next level.

Best of Thanksgiving Recipes

Want to drive engagement among your customer base and remind them to stop by your grocery store when they’re ready to plan for the big day? Have a contest for the best Thanksgiving recipes. You get to spend a lot of time interacting with your audience, allow them to show their cooking creativity and provide a platform for publishing family recipes.

Consider picking a few recipe options per category, such as the best mashed potatoes, best turkey alternatives and best cranberry sauce. You can create videos featuring the testing and judging process and set up displays that feature the ingredients needed to pull off the recipes.

Tagging the Turkey

Another way to encourage sharing with your customers is through asking them to tag their Thanksgiving meals that they made with your ingredients. Whether you call it tagging the turkey or another pithy holiday name, you get a lot of user-generated content that can fill up your social media channels and blog posts.

These images and videos also let you find opportunities to better serve your customers. You discover the tools that they use, the combinations they put together, and the cuisine styles that are used the most. Use this knowledge to create targeted campaigns that are highly relevant to your audience.

Food History

Need ideas for compelling Thanksgiving-themed blog posts and social media updates? Consider delving into the food history surrounding Thanksgiving. Most people only get a brief introduction as to why the popular dishes end up on their tables each year.

Once you cover the food that most people are familiar with, start looking at the traditions that followed the original Thanksgiving. You can dive into the cuisine that immigrants brought when they traveled to America, such as the dishes that get served up at an Italian family’s celebration.

This marketing tactic is one that you can use for other holidays as well, so keep it in your ideas file for the rest of the year too. You can also have your audience suggest food that they want to learn more about. If it’s popular, consider expanding it to an event at your grocery store, or invite food historians to speak and write articles.

Thanksgiving Shopping Lists

While some people have their grocery shopping down to a science, others need some help to figure out exactly what they need. Publish shopping lists that include everything from the ingredient to the aisle that it’s located on.

Use a combination of digital and printable lists, and leave room for shoppers to add their own entries. If you have a grocery store app, this is an excellent feature to add to the software. It’s relevant all year long, so you’re not spending money developing something that only gets used once a year.

The printable lists should be festive and branded. You can also put pre-printed copies near your weekly ads, near the front of the grocery store. That way, people who forgot their lists or don’t have the app can simply grab one and go.

Market Fresh-Made Side Dishes and Desserts

Many people focus on making the perfect turkey, then they panic when they think about all the other fixings that should go along with the meal. You can alleviate their stress by providing plenty of fresh-made side dishes and desserts that are packaged and ready to go.

Make things even easier by including accessories, such as a multi-tier cake stand to display cookies or a ladle for pouring out gravy. Always consider how you can improve the quality of your customer’s meal and help them during a stressful cooking endeavor. While it takes some extra effort on the grocery store’s part, it pays off the rest of the year by gaining customer loyalty.

Are you ready to tackle your Thanksgiving marketing plan for your grocery store? Get out there and make marvelous meals happen for all of your shoppers! 

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