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Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop

Working in the auto repair field is as much about connecting with people as it is about making sure their cars are in working order when they leave the shop. To stay afloat, car repair shops have to secure consistent business, and that means marketing and getting to know their customers. In the modern world, it also means being accessible and being online, active and connected to the community. Here are few tips mechanics can use and some pitfalls to be aware of when they are marketing.

Think Like the Customers

It is very easy for mechanics to think about auto repair in the way that people often think of their jobs, focusing on the work and the parts of it that interest them. They often find the bits and parts of a vehicle fascinating, and then when the working day is done, they leave the work behind them. However, to market their business online, they have to shift their thinking to the customer’s perspective. This means recognizing that the majority of the population sees auto repairs shops as an unfortunate necessity and that they will only think about the intricacy of the car’s engine when there is something wrong.

But that is only the beginning. They need to see their website in the same way. According to garage owner Alfred Guiltier, they must ask themselves, “If I didn’t work here, would I interact with this page?” This means that posts on their page have to be about things the customers would search for, such as traffic information, travel tips, and safety tips, rather than car parts. Also, it should be tailored to the community, free of jargon and written with obvious common answers to question the customer’s ask.

Be Active on Social Media

Plenty of auto mechanics don’t even bother using social media when it comes to marketing their business. It’s easier to think about the website and build relationships with customers in real life, but this is going to limit their reach at the end of the day. Many search engines recognize social media profiles, so by ignoring their social media identity, they are making it less likely that their business will come up when people search for a mechanic. Having a robust social media profile makes mechanics more visible and more likely to be found by those in need and makes them seem more reputable to people online. They can provide examples of happy customers, maps to their location and their specialties available on a platform everyone uses.

Tag Photos and Talk

One of the most effective ways of promoting and auto repair garage is word of mouth, but in today’s digital world, that translates to online social interactions. Mechanics who make connections with past clients online and ask for testimonials and pictures to tag them in become a part of the online conversation, and like word of mouth, when people see the mechanic’s brand, they will know that it is a name they can trust. Posting photos regularly and commenting on things that customers might care about while dropping mentions of their business is an excellent way to trump up business.

Try Email Newsletters

Repeat business from clients who trust them is the lifeblood of the auto repair business. Keeping themselves in the minds of past customers is a way of reminding them that if their transmission fails or they need a new muffler, they have a trusted name to rely on. One of the key ways to keep themselves in a client’s mind is to send them a monthly newsletter that shows past clients their latest deals. This is a way of consistently reminding folks who can help them. But mechanics can take it even further by offering them entertaining content in the newsletter to ensure that the mechanic’s brand is fresh in their minds. They can write about things like the “Top 10 Roadside Attractions” or “Five Ways to Save on Your Next Car.”

Speak to the Community

Mechanics have to be aware of the fact that they are a community business. People will patronize the mechanic closest to them or the one most prominent in their particular neighborhood. To raise their presence in an area, auto repair shops need to use their marketing tools not only to promote their businesses but to also support local events and charities. They can also benefit from having relationships with local business that are not their competitions, such as restaurants and stores, to promote things like local events and Toy for Tots on Facebook, Twitter and their own website.

The More Reviews the Better

It may seem that if a client wants to comment on a mechanic’s services, then they will comment at some point, but this is not always the case. There is nothing wrong with reminding them that there are platforms where they can make their opinions known if they would like to. And it’s important for mechanics to tell clients that their opinion is valued, whether it is positive or negative. The more comments and reviews that are found on places like Yelp, Google and Facebook, the more information will be available about that mechanic’s business, which helps their business grow.

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