Marketing To The Millennial Generation

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Marketing To The Millennial Generation

Millennials, or people who were born in the 1980s and 1990s, have received a bad rap in the press recently. People in this generation have been called lazy, narcissistic and impatient – but chances are, they represent a large portion of your consumer base. This tech-savvy crowd is not only one of the most influential buyer groups currently on the market, but it has a wave of potential for small business owners looking to build long-lasting loyalty among young consumers.

As you start revamping your marketing strategy, it’s imperative to adopt tactics that are geared toward this crowd. Consider three simple ways you can best market to millennials:

Cater to their calls

There’s a reason Time magazine referred to this demographic as "The Me Me Me Generation" – millennials have come to expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives, from the speed with which their computers connect to the Wi-Fi to the variety of takeout food choices they can access from one simple site. Companies should keep this in mind as they search for ways to best provide consumers with their products. While your business should not sacrifice quality for speed, it should search for the most efficient ways to reach customers. 

Forbes recently featured an app, Push For Pizza, that allows users to merely press a button and receive a pizza delivery. People no longer have to call the store, visit a website or even select toppings – they can only choose between cheese and pepperoni – but the simple concept has exploded in popularity since its release. Businesses that sell food may look into a similar strategy to target younger consumers who might enjoy a simple one-click ordering option.

Spice up your social media

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 represent the largest portion of social media adopters, according to the Pew Research Internet Project. While many older consumers have a distinguishable presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, younger people are more likely to follow your brand on Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. As you’re developing and sharing content on these networks, keep this generation at the forefront of your mind. Since millennials generally visit these sites several times each day, they’re more likely to see updates as you post them to your pages.

Consider adopting promotions and social media contests geared toward this group, offering prizes and products that will inspire younger consumers to visit your store. 

Make it all about the mobile

Millennials are all for mobile technology, whether they’re carting around smartphones or tinkering with their tablets. Odds are, your business has already developed a mobile strategy, including optimizing your website for small devices and sending mobile-friendly coupons for consumers’ use. If your brand has not already, small business owners should look into creating an app specifically tailored to your offerings. Depending on your store’s services, the app could be as simple as allowing users to place requests to pick up products, or as complex as providing them with a detailed glimpse into your company, its services and how it can help the consumer.