Make Your Business Romantic for Valentine’s Day

/Make Your Business Romantic for Valentine’s Day

Make Your Business Romantic for Valentine’s Day

Gift shops, chocolatiers and flower stores don’t have to have all the fun on Valentine’s Day. With a bit of creative thinking, your small business can leverage this seasonal marketing opportunity by embracing some humorous ways to get romance on the menu.


Create Dating Profiles for Your Top Selling Products


Transform your product descriptions into a Tinder look-alike by building them dating profiles. They’re looking for a true Valentine for this special day. You can use this approach to segment your audience and divide up products into different personality traits. You get a fun way to present your products and more information on your customers.


Find Out Your Customers’ True Loves With Social Media Polls


Another way to increase awareness for your product line and engage your customers comes from social media polls. You can start asking about the items that customers would most like to take on their dream date, or things that would make it onto a “breakfast in bed” surprise.


Put Together a Couple’s Package


You don’t have to operate in a category that traditionally works as a good Valentine’s gift. Here are a few unconventional ideas to offer as a couple’s package:



    • Argument reduction service: You offer a package that puts together furniture for customers, rather than leaving them to take a DIY approach.


    • Couples tax preparation: Take this responsibility off the chore list for married couples and win kudos for offering such a practical gift.


    • Personal shopper: Customers who run into problems getting the right gift for their partners can leverage a personal shopper. You offer a customized gift recommendation that matches everything you know about their special someone.




Don’t Forget the Valentine’s Day Cards


Corny, puntastic and silly Valentine’s Day cards give you an opportunity to show off your brand’s personality. Don’t take yourself too seriously with these. You have many ways to get creative with the images and sayings on the card. Keep them at your registers or send them out as part of a direct mailing campaign, depending on the option that fits in best with your business model.


If you’d rather not design cards, everyone is happy to get some candy. Have some easily giftable candy bags so you can get your branding out there while making people happy with this extra.


Cover Important Categories in Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guides


Every company wants to put out a gift guide for this time of year. Focus on unconventional and out-of-the-box categories that stand out. Here are a few options you can use:



    • What to Get Your Partner When You Start Dating a Month Before V-Day


    • Valentines Gifts for Parents Who Want Sleepover Gifts


    • Show Your Love Through Perfect Practicality


    • Gifts to Show You Love Them but They Already Bought Everything They Want


    • What to Buy When Your Etsy Gift Is Shipping After Valentine’s Day



You can dial in your gift guides to perfectly match the pain points and life situations that your audience encounters this time of year. Plus, if you’re lucky you can put yourself on a path to viral success since you’re doing something different.



These suggestions are a few out of the many ways you can leverage a seasonal holiday that doesn’t necessarily match your products or services. By taking a different perspective and looking for ways to work it in, you can ensure that you get the Valentine’s Day boost even if you’re not a traditional gift company.