Infographic: Wrapping Up Your Holiday Marketing Plans

/Infographic: Wrapping Up Your Holiday Marketing Plans

Infographic: Wrapping Up Your Holiday Marketing Plans

Help your loyal customers get more out of the holidays

Nothing thaws the winter cold better than noticing that your favorite business has given you a few more reasons to celebrate with an easy-to-use, convenient website loaded with ways to save.

For small business owners who are already plugged in, this should be a snap. Simply ask yourself what you’d like to see from the best company around and then determine how your sales goals can shine through. Little digital gifts, such as unique, keyword-strong blog posts and a temporary festive website redesign, can be all it takes to make your company the next big thing in a new consumer’s eyes.

As this time of year can be hectic for most, try sending a jolly reminder about your services in a cheerful, well-timed email. If you’re promoting any sales or holiday extras, this would be an excellent way to share the good news. Never forget the power of communication, either – make sure any social media platforms are kept relevant to the occasion.

Take some time this season to reconnect with the people behind the screens, too. You’re on their minds, and although these online strategies are sure to leave a mark, nothing says happy holidays like a personalized event with neighboring business partners.

Keep the messages light-hearted and warm to bolster positive public perception, and in no time, revenue will be up, consumers will be smiling and all will be joyful as we glide into 2014.