What are social media boosted posts? They’re the solution for business owners who understand how marketing services and products online can benefit their small companies, but are intimidated by the millions of competing businesses posting content every day.
It may seem that driving traffic to your website or getting Internet users to notice your Facebook page is a challenging task that may not pay off as well as it could thanks to hefty competition. With boosted posts, you get more control over who sees your promotions for better results and a higher return on investment.

How do boosted posts work?

What makes boosted posts work so much better than traditional social media posts? They pop up right on your fans’ and target audience’s social media pages. When it comes time to see how well your posts are doing, you can track their exposure with the help of Facebook Ads Manager.
If you’re hesitant to invest in a boosted posts, remember that you’re able to establish a budget and spread out your payment over as many as 14 days to pay for your post.

Are promoted posts different?

Promoted posts are very similar to boosted posts, as they efficiently expand your advertisement’s reach. With this type of post, you’re able to advertise promotions through the Ad Manager tool.
You’ll also get multiple options when it comes to bidding, targeting and pricing. For example, you can bid on cost per click or choose a specific amount per day.
Both boosted and promoted ads will give you a leg up on the competition. Don’t let the other 20 million business fighting for consumers’ attention outdo you. Ensure that you’re efficiently reaching your fans and potential customers and market your services with one of these enhanced social media posts.