Infographic: The Small Business Content Marketing Toolbox

/Infographic: The Small Business Content Marketing Toolbox

Infographic: The Small Business Content Marketing Toolbox

Content marketing is one of the most valuable tools small business owners have at their disposal. Generating online materials to reach your digital audience is crucial for attracting new consumers and establishing your brand as a thought leader within the industry.


After you’ve learned the secrets to success for content marketing, discover the following ways your business can use these resources to expand its online presence.


List articles


This type of content is among the most commonly employed by popular websites. Generally, list articles present a burst of information about current events, tips for businesses or the basics of news within their industry. These articles are short and visually appealing, perfect for readers who enjoy easily digested material.




If you’re searching for a platform on which your brand can establish itself as an expert in the field, how-to articles are the way to go. These posts can go more in-depth than list articles, providing valuable analysis and insight about a particular topic that is relevant to your business and its services.


Opinion pieces


To stand out as a thought leader within your chosen industry, opinion pieces are the way to go. These articles can vary in length and allow small business owners to not only discuss something currently occurring within the business’ realm, but also provide commentary pertaining to their recommendations, feelings or insight on the matter. These articles are also a great way to establish your brand’s unique voice, as consumers expect less formality from opinion-based pieces.




For a more analytical approach, consider the benefits brought about by whitepapers. These articles are much longer than generic posts and go far more in-depth about a trend in the industry or a problem your brand may be able to tackle. Whitepapers feature analysis, research and well-generated conclusions. Additionally, these longer articles offer a valuable platform on which your company can discuss its services or products and how they can make life easier for potential consumers.




Over the past several years, infographics have skyrocketed in popularity within the online community. Unlike text-heavy articles, infographics are a great way to blend visuals with interesting information from your business. These graphics are ideal for summarizing data or presenting research, and they can be easily shared on social media sites. Much like list articles, they can be easily digested and similar to whitepapers, they can further establish your business as a thought leader.