Infographic: Start Sweeping – 7 Ways to Begin Your Marketing Spring Cleaning

/Infographic: Start Sweeping – 7 Ways to Begin Your Marketing Spring Cleaning

Infographic: Start Sweeping – 7 Ways to Begin Your Marketing Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is much more than dusting off your cabinets and rearranging new merchandise. Extend your efforts to your marketing endeavors by finding ways to make your social and digital campaigns more successful.


Looking for a jumping off point? Start by clearing the clutter in these places.


Leads and Customers


    1. Email lists: Having an exhaustive list of potential customers is critical for any email marketing campaign, but you have to know when to cut the dead ends loose. Discover which recipients aren’t opening or interacting with your communications and remove them from your lists.


    1. Mailing Addresses: Similarly, you’ll want to spend some time revamping your snail mail strategy. Unlike email addresses, physical ones don’t notify the sender if the intended recipient has relocated. Contact your loyal customers to discover if their addresses are correct and update them as needed.


    1. Social Followers: Know how to spot a fake profile? Sometimes it’s easier than you’d think – that “follow4follow” account may be adding more followers to your page, but it’s not likely to engage with your brand like a loyal customer would. Clear these fake followers to improve your engagement metrics and make room for those dedicated fans.



Online Presence


    1. Branding: When’s the last time you updated your website? While you don’t necessarily need to change your logo each year, small changes – like mixing up your website font or altering a few colors – can have big impacts on your business.


    1. SEO: The best keywords for your brand are frequently shifting. Words that drove visitors to your site in 2013 may be driving your brand deep into the depths of Google search in 2015. Take a look at your current SEO strategy and review which terms or phrases brought in the bucks this past year. Don’t be afraid to add a few new ones to your content.


    1. Websites: Instead of picking one aspect of your website to revamp, have a small focus group take a comprehensive look at your site. What do they notice? What small fixes can you easily make to attract a wider range of visitors?



Overall Strategy


    1. Goals and Metrics: Take a look at 2014 in review. Did you meet the goals you hoped to achieve last year? Discover which ones still stand for 2015 and create new goals you can reach over the next several months.