Infographic: Social Media Posts that Improve Company Culture

/Infographic: Social Media Posts that Improve Company Culture

Infographic: Social Media Posts that Improve Company Culture

Having a well-developed social strategy is key for attracting followers to your pages, but these posts can also have a significant impact on your company culture. While many of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers are loyal customers, it’s likely that many of your employees follow your company on social media as well.


Keep your employees actively engaged by using your social networks to broadcast workers’ achievements, post content tailored to their interests and ultimately turn them into brand ambassadors.


Want to see how it’s done? Try one of these five methods for engaging your employees on social media.


1. Shoutouts


Recognition can go a long way in the workplace. For younger employees who already spend a great deal of their time on social networks, seeing their accomplishments praised on sites like Facebook and Twitter may inspire them to share posts with their friends and family members. Shoutouts can also drastically increase worker morale, as they show your employees that they are valuable team members who deserve to be recognized for their work.


2. Positional Breakdown


Companies with different departments or varying roles within the business should consider posting articles or blogs that specifically pertain to the hierarchy within your company. Tech employees may like an opportunity to learn about what other workers do with their days. Alternatively, staff members interested in moving up within your company may enjoy reading content that details opportunities for advancement within the business.


3. Lifestyle Posts


Acknowledging your employees’ hard work is important, but posting pictures and content relating to social events in the company can bolster engagement among your employees. Next time you host a company-sponsored get-together, whether it’s at a recreational facility or holiday party, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your workers. They’ll enjoy tagging themselves the next day, then sharing pictures with loved ones on their own sites.


These kinds of lifestyle posts not only get your employees to become more actively engaged with your networks, but also help your brand reach a greater number of potential job applicants. Presenting your business as fun, social and laid back allows job seekers to catch a glimpse a company culture they’ll surely want to join.


4. Web Shares


Your business may be producing internal content to share with your online followers, but adding other articles from different companies and experts can help establish your brand as a leader in the space. Use your Facebook and Twitter to post pictures, memes, articles and videos that are both relevant to your industry and interesting to your employees.


5. Client Highlights


Recognizing stellar workers is important for bolstering engagement on your networks, but highlighting successful client stories can have the same effect. Workers can see which people they have helped with the assistance of your brand, allowing them to see what made the relationship successful and how it can be replicated in the future.