Infographic: Restaurant Marketing 101 – How to Attract and Keep Consumers Dining

/Infographic: Restaurant Marketing 101 – How to Attract and Keep Consumers Dining

Infographic: Restaurant Marketing 101 – How to Attract and Keep Consumers Dining

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurant owners. As your consumers flock to make reservations for their visiting loved ones and much-needed date nights, your small business should examine how it can attract these holiday diners.


As you’re figuring out how to reach more of these individuals this season, consider how you can adapt your preexisting marketing strategies to attract the greatest number of visitors.


1. Social Media


In the weeks leading up to the holidays, start offering promotions to your followers. Contests and interactive content are great ways to encourage your consumers to virtually speak to your brand. Generate a hashtag for your restaurant, then ask those who have visited it during the holiday season to use it whenever posting on their own social networks.


To further encourage people to visit your store, offer a contest specifically geared toward the social network at hand. For example, ask your Instagram followers to post a picture of a meal from your store, then give the person who posted the picture that received the highest number of likes a prize.


2. Signage


There’s no better way to get your store to reflect the right mindset for the season than decorating your walls and windows with holiday-specific signage. Tailor your seasonal decorations to your store’s offerings – opt for an image of Santa carrying a bushel of vegetables instead of gifts, or a team of reindeer enjoying one of your best dishes.


3. Email Marketing


Use your email list to your advantage by sending virtual communications to your followers. These can range from weekly coupon deals – like free appetizers or drink specials – to employee profiles, like write-ups on your chefs and holiday memories from your staff members. Newsletters are another great way to inform your consumers about upcoming deals and holiday-specific promotions, so be sure to send them out this season.


4. Promotions


Coupons, deals and promotions are crucial for the holidays. Stand out among your competitors by offering festive dishes and drinks at reduced prices for your most loyal consumers. To draw more people in during the week before Christmas, consider offering desserts at half-price, or chef’s specials at a reduced price. When notifying your consumers of these promotions, use your communication channels to your advantage – post on your social networks, write detailed emails and post notifications on your storefront.