Your small business recognizes the importance of posting content tailored to trending topics, but how exactly can your brand learn which subjects are popular at the moment? Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have small boxes that feature highly discussed information at the moment, from phrases that have been posted frequently to articles that have been shared the most.
But recognizing these topics is only half of the battle. Small-business owners should seek to post about trends that pertain to their company and their target audience, ensuring their content reaches the maximum number of people possible.
Want to see how it’s done? Next time you’re identifying which trends to post about, keep these tips in mind for the most effective content.

Key tools

Thankfully, small-business owners don’t need to crawl through popular news sites to find trending topics. There are a few tools that can help you identify trends pertaining to your company’s audience.
Google Trends: Similar to the counter on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, Google Trends notes the articles and topics most virtual audiences are engaging with. However, unlike the social networks, Google Trends acts as a valuable research tool, giving you more information regarding the behaviors of those interacting with certain topics.
Topsy: Think of Topsy as a more extensive Twitter trend reader. This site analyzes trends currently being discussed on Twitter, and includes relevant videos, links, discussions and influencers who are interacting with the topic. This is helpful for brands looking to post about a topic they’ve heard of, but are unfamiliar with.
Trendhunter: This all-inclusive site has an array of lists pertaining to specific topics, not only listing which ones are trending, but allowing the reader access to an in-depth look at the trend.

Top techniques

After distinguishing which trends are relevant to your industry and its target audience, it’s time to reach out to your virtual consumers. There are a few effective methods to try when posting about trending topics. Email segmentation is ideal when your brand is targeting specific groups of users. Using this email marketing technique can even lead to a 129 percent higher click-through rate. Social media is another great place to post about trending topics, especially since these sites keep track of which ones are most popular. Google analytics is a valuable tool, as it allows you to view how successful your efforts have been and find the most effective keywords for your mission.