Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

/Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

Spookiest Pooch: How to Run a Successful Facebook Photo Contest


Your business has likely already decorated its store and stocked up on candy for the trick-or-treaters, but there are many other ways to attract those costumed consumers using your online social sites.


Facebook provides small business owners with an ideal platform on which they can create and promote contests perfect for winning over new site visitors. As you’re searching for a spooky promotion guaranteed to wow consumers this Halloween, consider a photo contest that calls for likes, shares and comments for your brand.


Generating your idea


Facebook photo contests are great for rallying your online audience, but there are many things to consider before making the all-call. First, consider the seasonality of your contest. Since Halloween is swiftly approaching, look for a contest that takes advantage of this favorite festivity – like a contest that asks consumers to upload a picture of their pooch wearing a cute costume. Next, pick an idea that will generate interest among your target audience. Opt for a theme that will resonate with consumers that frequent your store, opting for those that will inspire your followers to react. Finally, consider how your contest can help your company brand itself, as the theme of your chosen contest can effectively communicate a bit of your brand’s personality.


When your followers are looking to engage with your idea, it’s important to ask for contact details. By asking participants for names and email addresses, you have a more accurate lead generation list. Be sure to explain to participants that their pictures may be used in future marketing materials, as this may further make people want to join. Finally, add a call-to-action for people to spread awareness among their friends, thus further extending the reach of your contest.


Make it compelling


To inspire more people to participate in your contest, it’s important to offer prizes that can be used by a wide variety of consumers across the board. Search for high-tech options – such as the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, or the Samsung Galaxy Gear – to attract the widest swath of people.


Promoting your contest


In addition to having in-store displays to promote your online contest, there are several ways to virtually weave it through your other sites. Generate a hashtag to go along with your contest – such as #SpookyPooches – that can be used across your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to email all consumers on your email list to inform them and further garner interest among your loyal followers.


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