Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign for Your Small Business

/Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign for Your Small Business

Infographic: How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign for Your Small Business

Facebook is a gold mine for small business owners. The king of social networks poses a range of features ideal for companies looking to promote their brands – some of the most effective of which are its ad campaigns.


Launching a successful advertisement campaign on Facebook is as easy as 1-2-3 – literally. Follow these steps to ensure your small business gets the most it can from its online marketing efforts on this site.


Choose your method


There are three separate forms of advertisement your business can create on Facebook: engagement ads, promoted posts and page post ads. Engagement ads are a call-to-action, asking site users to interact with a specific element of your ad, such as participating in a poll or posing their own question. A promoted post can only be seen by people and friends of those who like your company’s page. These posts may be links your business shared or updates from your brand, and they appear in a user’s newsfeed. The page post ads resemble traditional advertisements users may see on the right side of their screens. These blurbs may reach a wider range of potential consumers and are handled by Ads Manager.


When determining which ad campaign is best suited for your business, you must take your own brand’s goals into account. How many people do you want to reach? Which consumer groups are you targeting? What do you hope your ad accomplishes?


Keep it engaging


Since advertisements on Facebook are generally brief, it’s imperative that your chosen content is engaging. To ensure your advertisement is reaching the greatest audience possible, it’s important to post the ad during the most highly-trafficked times of the day. These times vary based on your target audience, as people of varying ages visit the site at different times. Additionally, change up the content you’re posting in your ads, mixing upthe selections every two to three days. Finally, be sure to choose text and images that are visually compelling, as they will be more likely to inspire users to connect with your content.


Measure your success


After picking the perfect advertising campaign, measure your results by keeping track of how many people engaged with the ad and what times of the day were most popular. Three variables may impact the success of future ad campaigns: impressions, click-through rate and landing page views.