Infographic: How to Optimize Your Mobile Device Campaigns

/Infographic: How to Optimize Your Mobile Device Campaigns

Infographic: How to Optimize Your Mobile Device Campaigns

Now that majority of consumers throughout the world are heavily reliant on mobile devices, you have a unique opportunity to reach a wider consumer base. In fact, according to Retail Touch Points, a 2015 survey by SessionM found that 90 percent of the 12,000 respondents frequently use mobile phones to make retail purchases.


Using mobile apps to advertise your products and streamline the shopping process for customers will make your small business more attractive to consumers. How do you transition marketing efforts to a mobile platform? Follow these steps to ensure you’re optimizing your mobile device campaigns.


Target devices

Certain mobile devices and operating systems have higher conversion rates. It’s important to determine what these are and to target these as you establish your mobile marketing efforts to see the highest return on investment.

Tailor ads for mobility

Remember that consumers interact with ads on mobile devices differently than they do with ones in magazines or email. For example, with mobile marketing campaigns, consumers have especially short attention spans. As a result, it’s best to advertise specials first to peak their interest and keep them on your page. Advertisements that jump out with attractive colors and fonts will also work toward grabbing and keeping their attention.

Create a mobile landing page

Your mobile app’s interface should be simple for users to navigate. To make it even easier to find information, create a landing page that directs customers to the appropriate products and enhances their overall experience. Consider taking this one step further and use a mobile response website to host your landing page.

Leverage multiple networks

As your daily budget increases, so will your consumer price index. You need a variety of reliable networks before you start seeing the results you’re looking for. Quality network optimization should involve a combination of suppliers and mobile ad networks.

Conduct tests

You won’t get all that you can from your mobile campaigns if you aren’t testing them before you use them to attract customers. You may have a marketing plan in place that you feel confident will successfully draw in new consumers and keep existing ones, but you should avoid moving forward until you test everything from your ad copy and specials to your landing pages. You may find that a campaign you felt good about isn’t resulting in high conversion rates.