Infographic: How to Mobilize Your Website

/Infographic: How to Mobilize Your Website

Infographic: How to Mobilize Your Website

As smartphones and tablets become more intricately connected to the business landscape, new and innovative solutions are making it easier for you to convert your Web-based sites to a mobilized medium.


Think about one of the most complex websites you’ve seen and now shrink it down to fit inside the screen of your smartphone. Even if you’re sporting a larger-than-average mobile device, chances are, the various graphics and high-tech, Internet-optimized content might not scale. As touch screens and styluses have taken the place of mice and trackpads in this scenario, just imagine trying to click on tiny buttons. Instead of condensing everything into one miniaturized version, consider your options:


Select a few core images


Picture-heavy sites look great on bigger screens, but you’ll often lose quality and clarity when they’re shrunk down to sync with an average smartphone’s parameters. Instead of gambling with your online reputation, why not select a few core images for your mobile site? The same goes for text – if you tend to be content heavy, consider scaling back large paragraphs so they’ll be easier to digest on smaller screens.


Create another site


If you like how your site looks on the big screen of your laptop or desktop computer, why not simply build a new, separate mobile one that takes its place? Consumers will still be able to interact with your digital content, but it will be optimized to work better in this format.


Develop a responsive option


If inventing another mobile-ready site isn’t the best option for you, you can decide to instead prepare your primary online presence to automatically scale down to fit nicely on a smartphone or tablet screen. With just a few alterations and a simple-to-use grid, the site becomes adaptable, shrinking and expanding to work well with different sizes.