Infographic: How to Make Your Customers Smile

/Infographic: How to Make Your Customers Smile

Infographic: How to Make Your Customers Smile

5 Customer Service Tips for Small Business


Creating a positive, pleasurable and fun experience for your customers is vital to your success, whether you’re providing goods or services. Small business owners recognize the importance of placing their customers first, but some may not know how to deliver the top-quality service.


There are five simple tips for any small business owner to follow when developing strategies for interacting with consumers.


1. Get Social


Whether you’re featuring deals on Facebook or pinning your products on Pinterest, staying actively engaged with social media is vital for any company’s success. These platforms allow businesses to not only communicate with their consumer bases – which is integral for displaying praise and handling complaints – but they also offer the perfect place on which companies can distribute promotional materials or upcoming information.


2. Speed Up


While interacting with consumers on these sites is integral to your success, responding in a timely manner is equally as important. According to a survey conducted by Social Habit, more than 42 percent of consumers indicated that they expect to hear back from companies within 60 minutes of posting a comment. The numbers did not change during the nights or weekends either, as consumers expected equally swift responses during these times as well.


3. Start a Dialog


Calling for comments is crucial. Inviting consumers to deliver feedback, whether through an anonymous survey, social media site or comment box, can help small businesses to exponentially increase their services. In fact, a study from CreditDonkey found that only 65 percent of small businesses encourage this type of dialog from their consumers, so by calling for these comments, owners can ensure their services best reflect their customers’ desires.


4. Stay Aware


Small business owners must stay up to date about consumers’ buying habits and needs, as the relationship does not stop once the services have been rendered. Staying in constant contact with your consumers is essential for providing the best products, as it not only ensures they are satisfied with your offerings, but it allows you the chance to understand how to improve your product in the future.


5. Think Tech


As technological innovations become more commonplace in the business realm, managers must learn how to take advantage of these devices. Mobile and tablet technologies, for example, have become widely adopted across the U.S. in the past five years, so app development and optimized websites have become hot-button topics for small business owners. Consumers frequently expect companies to conform to these technologies, so finding ways to further integrate them in your business strategy is a great way to further connect to customers.