Infographic: How to Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind for Customers Before the Season Starts

/Infographic: How to Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind for Customers Before the Season Starts

Infographic: How to Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind for Customers Before the Season Starts

Staying on your customers’ radars is easy during the busier times of the year, but what happens on the off-season? Some retail stores experience a significant uptick in revenue during the holiday season, but then deal with dips in sales during the first quarter of the year.


How do you keep your customers engaged when they’re not actively seeking your service? It’s actually easier than you think. Try one of these tactics next time you’re trying to entice your existing consumer base during your down time.


1. Offer incentives at the beginning of the season


Prior to your peak season, offer a coupon, deal or discount to get your customers to your store. This not only keeps your brand on your loyal fans’ radars at all times, but it draws in other potential buyers with enticing deals on your products or services.


2. Send content without CTAs


CTAs come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to the off-seasons, you’ll want to tailor these straplines toward the future. For example, if your business’s products lend themselves well to the summer, add a CTA that states, “Come see what’s in store this summer!” Physical fliers that are pleasing to the eye may even stick in a consumer’s memory, so try this old school tactic this month.


3. Ask followers to stay in touch


Who doesn’t love a Throwback Thursday? Ask your customers to share their favorite memories from your store or with your product. Alternatively, ask them what they’re looking forward to this summer. You know what? Ask them anything! You want to remind your customers that you still value them, regardless of whether they’re currently purchasing from you.


4. Show off your last season


If you’ve got a seasonal holiday coming up, post pictures from last year’s celebration to get customers amped for this year’s inventory. As you show customers what your prior year looked like, tease them about the upcoming one. You could comment on a past picture and question what the event will look like in the coming weeks. For example, “Iron Man showed up at last year’s community picnic – who will it be this year?”


5. Demonstrate what the next season will look like


With the warm season just around the corner, show your customers just what they will see in the coming months by highlighting summer in all its glory. Stress the fun activities that take place during this time, showing your consumers exactly what they can look forward to soon.