Infographic: How to Keep Customers Toasty & Sales Warm in Winter

/Infographic: How to Keep Customers Toasty & Sales Warm in Winter

Infographic: How to Keep Customers Toasty & Sales Warm in Winter

During the winter months, it can be tempting to spend the weekends holed up in your home with a nice cozy blanket, hot cup of coffee and subscription to Netflix. So how do you inspire your consumers to leave their homes during chilly weather to come visit your store?


There are a few ways to ensure your consumers stay loyal to your brand during the chillier months. Whether they’re snowed in or avoiding the ice, try one of these methods to show your customers¬†you’re still thinking about them while you’re all dealing with the weather.


Email – Tell them you miss them


Chances are, your consumers will be glued to their digital devices during the winter. Since they’re less likely to visit friends, they’re probably staying connected via email and social networking. Send digital messages to your followers with links to online stores or schedules you’ll adhere to regardless of the weather.


Signage – Invite them inside


Sometimes the best way to reach consumers during the cold weather is by inviting them inside with sidewalk chalk easels, window displays or large signs. If you want to take your invitation to the next level, set up a free hot chocolate or coffee station for passersby.


Print mail – Don’t let them forget


Keep track of which consumers haven’t visited your store in more than three months and send them a postcard or letter. This physical reminder will show your patrons that your business is paying attention – and that it sincerely misses them. Include a coupon or tailored promotion to give the person a reason to come visit your store. Once they’re there, keep them satisfied with in-store savings and well-functioning heat.


Off-season promotions – Big savings


Speaking of deals, now’s the time to start pushing summer merchandise at reduced costs. Your consumers may not be searching for items that can only be used in warmer weather, but at the discounts you’re offering, they’ll think twice. These special promotions may draw people in to your store, allowing them the opportunity to peruse all your offerings.


Social media – Commiserate


There’s no better way to show your consumers that you’re feeling the stress of the season than by joining in on the online conversation. Post pictures of your snow-covered business to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let followers know that while you’re equally peeved by the inconvenience, you’re open for business.