Infographic: How to Create Influential Brand Advocates

/Infographic: How to Create Influential Brand Advocates

Infographic: How to Create Influential Brand Advocates

A satisfied customer is a powerful customer, at least with regards to how other people view your brand. Consumers who have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with your brand are far more likely to talk you up among their friends, family and followers on social networks.


In this sense, your consumers transform into brand advocates – essentially acting as walking advertisements for your business. Developing and fostering these strong relationships is crucial for the success of any small business, especially those looking to make their mark in their respective industries.


There are five simple ways your company can turn consumers into brand advocates:


1. Go Social


It goes without saying that maintaining an active social media presence is key to the success of your brand image as a whole. Small business owners should not only have established pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but they should also examine smaller social sites – such as Vine, Pinterest and Instagram – to see if their business would benefit from exposure on these platforms as well.


2. Engage Your Audience


Getting your consumers to interact with your business is imperative for showing them that your brand cares about their opinions and content on these sites. Be sure to read about how your company can foster responses from your online following by checking out our Encouraging Engagement series, which covers tactics for interacting with consumers on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.


3. Create Conversations


As you’re posting content on these sites, receiving feedback from consumers is crucial to the success of your social campaigns. Encourage followers to not only pose questions to your company, but be sure your brand is establishing trust with its consumers by constantly responding to any concerns posed by customers.


4. Serve With Speed


While businesses should be sure to respond to as many concerns as they possibly can, speaking back to consumers in a timely manner is imperative for the brand’s success. Consumers have come to expect responses as quickly as they’ve posted comments – while your brand should not strive to respond within seconds, it should regularly check sites to quell consumers’ concerns.


5. Share Your Success


Once you’ve successfully turned your consumers into avid brand advocates, don’t be shy about sharing their comments on your social networking platforms. Not only will boosting these comments make the consumer feel more appreciated, but it will show other visitors to the site that your brand is well respected among its preexisting customer base.