Infographic: Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Small Business

/Infographic: Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Small Business

Infographic: Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Small Business

When you’re developing content to fill your online presence, there are many different formats, programs, sites and tactics to undertake during the creation process. Aside from social media marketing campaigns and proper forms to include on your website, small business owners should be sure to study up on their landing pages – or the pages consumers land on after clicking on a link.


Depending on the landing page’s purpose, this website form may be integral for collecting leads and connecting consumers to relevant information. Landing pages are frequently the first form of contact your small business may have with a potential customer, so it’s essential that you craft these forms with precision, care and creativity.


There are three things to keep in mind as you start planning your landing pages.


1. Purpose


Landing pages can serve a variety of needs, from presenting basic info to visitors to allowing them a user-friendly site with which they can interact. There are three common purposes landing pages frequently serve: redirecting visitors from an advertisement, signing them up for an email newsletter and collecting leads. Before developing the landing page, be sure to set aside the exact purpose of your page, as it will determine which tools and widgets you select.


2. Audience


After determining the purpose your landing page will serve, it’s important to pinpoint the direct audience you hope to target. Designating which group of online users you hope will interact with your page will help you craft the content, as it will determine how you word content, which images you choose and what colors will best serve the purpose. Additionally, targeting a specific user base may help you further refine which individuals to target on individual social media sites. For example, if you’re developing a landing page directed from an ad on Facebook, your page should reflect the demographic who likes your profile on this site.


3. Layout


Finally, once the purpose and audience have been determined, it’s time to start picking the content for your landing page. The features should compel visitors to click your content. There are three ways to ensure your layout is as effective as possible: create error-free and engaging copy, select a striking image to accompany and have an easily-accessible call-to-action button for users to click. By following these steps, your company may convert more prospects into hard sales leads.